Balanced Epiphany (2nd @ Bern Startup CO)

lostgeek 3618

Perfectly Balanced

Balanced Coverage is great in Epiphany... except for when you have to guess and realise that your deck is almost equal parts Agendas, Assets, Operations, and Ice...

Still, this deck ran beautifully in our Startup CO today. The idea is to create some semblance of a scoring remote with whatever Capacitor, Tributary, Virtual Service Agent, and Starlit Knight you can find, throw some even more questionable defenses on centrals and start scoring immediately.

The Holo Man is an amazing engine and with the intended Epiphany shenanigans helps you Fast advance your Stoke the Embers and Kingmaking directly from R&D.

Force the runner to repeatedly go through your scoring remote and trash your Holo Man, or keep on scoring without pause if they do not or can not.

This deck can be blazingly fast and it needs to be as with 12 agendas you are very prone to get flooded if you cannot score them out quickly enough.

Thanks to @ataraxis for organising the tournament and everyone attending for some very fun games!