Diesel Waltz: 1st Zurich regionals (5-0)

qvm 1238

Not so classy anymore, but now with more Diesel!

I placed first in the Zurich regionals, going 5-0 (Bye, Acme, Argus, MirrorMorph, 2x Azmari).

This deck is a hybrid between my own Classy Waltz and @Percomis' Euro Leela. @Tugtetgut convinced me two things.

  1. It's better to have duplicates breakers against SDS, rather than a sad clone chip. Sadly this also means no Engolo.
  2. Earthrise Hotel (and thus Career Fair isn't worth it in this build.

Both changes made space for Amina and the not-so-classy Corporate "Grant", which makes the denial game even more potent. For even more denial, I kept the Emergency Shutdowns. I think derezzing is worth it for anything that costs at least 4. As expected, nobody in our meta played Tour-Guide-only spam decks.

But now to the name of this deck: There's only one energy drink that actually gives you draw and that's the original Diesel. Nothing else lets you slam down your PAD Taps and Crowdfundings faster!

Thanks everyone for a great tournament, and thanks to @Lostgeek and @Tugtetgut for theorycrafting.

2 Jul 2019 Saan

Screw blue diesel, green diesel is where it's at, yo. And for real, who likes artificial blueberry flavor? Insane people, that's who.

Grats on your finish =)

Question, though: why the single copy of Paragon? I get that it makes 3 credits a turn with SecTest, but since they're both 1-offs, I can't imagine that they show up together in most games at a place where it's even still worth it to install Paragon.

2 Jul 2019 qvm


That was a shower decision in the morning, to make space for a second emergency shutdown. More of a meta choice, since I didn't expect many corps with open servers.

With the extreme filter and draw, you do see stuff relatively quickly. Having two would be great (and of course you can filter one away, same as with class act).

Since I didn't need the mem, I thought of this as the same as shapers including a 1-of beth. A single security testing changes that formula a bit, though at least paragon's also a worthy install without ST.