Spombo [2nd Place Potluck GNK, Broomfield CO]

lukifer 840

Rush/FA/Combo hybrid deck, recently going 3-1 at the Potluck GNK in Broomfield, CO. Only loss was to Clot-lock, and still managed to get one click short of victory (on a 9-click turn with two hard purges!).

Early game rush out agendas, either behind a gear-check, or just put them on the table. You actively want to bleed 2-5 points of agendas, to give you tempo (usually for credits). Late-game, either close out with a massive Game Changer, and/or set up a crazy looping combo with Arella Salvatore, Calibration Testing, and Team Sponsorship.

Roughest matchup is Leela, who completely throws off the tempo of the early rush game. Clot-lock Shaper can be a problem, but often it's possible to rush and drag them through remotes, and then close with a hard-purge fast-advance. Econ-denial 419 is a pain; unless you get way ahead on money, it's often better to let them have information and turtle counters.

12 Jul 2019 lostgeek

Two purges? Once the Clot is gone, you can score through without giving the runner any reaction window to reinstall via Clone Chip.

13 Jul 2019 lukifer

@lostgeek I had one Arella and one Sponsorship, meaning I still needed a single click to advance the next agenda in the chain, giving the runner a window to reinstall. Tried a clickless RLC to find and install another Sponsorship (2 out of 11 left in R&D!), and came up dry.