DYPER DYPER (3rd Place at Regional Göttingen, 1st in Swiss)

Klopstock 640

HP is Love, HP is Life

This is the deck that took me to third place at the Regional in Göttingen, making the first place in Swiss - and my first Top 8 Cut participation (my Hasty CI can be found here). It is based on ryanbantwins Pls dont Rotate Diaper. My only change was swapping the second Mad Dash for a second copy of New Angeles City Hall, because I expected lots of Boom SYNC - the nearby Hamburg Regional one week before had more than 25% SYNC. IN the end I did not face a single SYNC, on the other hand I did not lose a game on six points without Mad Dash (or was held back from comobing by lack of it), so it did not make much of a difference on the day. The Mad Dash is more generally useful, while the City Hall makes the SYNC matchup even harder to lose, so it is a meta call, I think.

The Tournament went very good. In Swiss I won against Blue Sun, AGInfusion and Replicating Perfection and lost to Jackmade's Othermoon. Memorable were both Jinteki games. Against AGInfusion, I comboed out, grabbed only six points, but managed to steal the last Agenda with the Brahman from the Remote later on and against RP he managed to put 8 ICE in front R&D, so I just hammered his hand to get the win there. In the cut, I played a freak match against CI7, where we both just built up, I was ready one turn before him, so I could easily mill him out, with only 12 cards left in his R&D. My last game was against Othermoon again, this time piloted by ff0x. The matchup is not good and he knew what to expect, so I was still several turns away from comboing when he scored his last points with a sweet combo turn and very deservingly went into the Great Final.

I am very happy with this deck. It is really strong, has game against pretty much everything (though really fast decks with some Ice like Othermoon or Jinteki Grind-Kill decks can be a problem) and is a lot of fun to play, I think (opinions may vary on this point, especially when you are playing against it).