1st Place Antwerp Regional-undefeated-Pls dont rotate Diaper

ryanbantwins 2439

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This is the runner deck that I piloted at the Antwerp regionals going undefeated (5-0) 2xSYNC, 2xSkorpios and a Mooninites. It's my variant of the the famous Dyper deck from Rotage, that I have been playing for all my tournaments for more than a year now.

I'm very happy with my current build, because it has good outs against most corps without having to slot too many silver bullets that make other match-ups weaker.

To address the elephant in the room: How is your Mooninites match-up?

I know most dyper players play astrolabes these days (often 3), and yes that just skyrockets that match-up. Yet I'm not a fan of that include. In a lot of match-ups its just 1 MU, which is almost no value for 3 slots. Especially when you need to race against decks like CI for example. My solution is to just mill them, they draw a lot of cards and if they pop a Moon on your comboturn it's possible that they don't have enough agendas left in R&D for you to win. And if you get them to 0 cards in R&D they will just pop a jackson on their turn to stay alive and biotic out, because there is no way you can check all these remotes. Eden shard will deliver that final blow either installing it from hand when you run R&D or using AC to tutor for it (and pay 7). Oh and it's also pretty good against CI (after hasty or after they "kinda power shutdowned").

Because of the Eden shard, I needed to free up one influence. CC's are too valuable (extra SMC's means faster setup) and there will always be that one guy that builds one tower on R&D. Didn't miss the third PioT. It's a great card, but you need to be careful with it anyway. The inclusion of 3 dirty laundry was so great, I finally had an early pressure without losing tempo. Sniping early agendas from an unprotected HQ and keeping Mooninites honest by checking remotes through ELP. In general it made the deck faster and richer.

NACH over plascrete/hopper, because SYNC won Euros and there will always be some copycats. Get it ASAP against SYNC and ride the train to victory.

Double Mad dash because it wins games. It really raises your chances if you need to do a half combo.

2 Escher: You need this if they are able to rez ICE (ABT, Bootcamp). If an HB rush deck gets one ICE on R&D and you're only playing one you are in trouble. Also I heard rumours about the resurrection of Blue Sun.

Only one interdiction. A lot of times you can just go and check "the 1 Jackson" and trash it. This card is only really usefull against spam deck. I do want a second one, but there is just no more room for it.

26 Jun 2017 jjthejetplane246

This version looks really strong, especially the Eden Shard for CI/Moon matchups. I was planning on bringing Dyper to regionals and I'm digging this list a lot. Congrats on the sweep!

27 Jun 2017 Klopstock

I like this version and congratulations to the first place! But what do you do against a (pre-rezzed) Caprice on R&D? Just run it until you win the Psigame?

27 Jun 2017 ryanbantwins

``@jjthejetplane246` Thanks man, the Eden shard can give you some free/surprising wins against certain decks. Nobody respects that card.

@Klopstock Thanks, In general the plan is indeed to just run her a bunch of times (don't use keyhole yet, it ain't optional). Get a greedy setup and the lost clicks shouldn't hurt that much. Just wait until they install an agenda, pop DDoS and steal it (they can't protect it with caprice). Even if you need like 6 clicks to trash her on R&D afterwards, you still have like 5 Keyholeruns to find 4 points and Mad dash to victory. The odds are in your favour. If you suspect a lot of Caprice, you could slot a polop I guess, but otherwhise that's overkill imo.

27 Jun 2017 jjthejetplane246

I agree, I've won through Caprice and a token pretty convincingly, so I don't think it's necessary. And if your opponent is good, they'll double caprice R&D so plop won't do anything anyway.

27 Jun 2017 ryanbantwins

Well I guess, if you play interdiction before Polop it does work. But that's too much setup for the little amount of gain I think.

1 Jul 2017 Cluster Fox

I'm a big fan of the gif. I will feed on your tears. ^^