The post-lunch deck (7-2 & 13th @ Worlds, 1st after Swiss)

Matuszczak 1944

The crazy deck that got me all the way into Top 16 of worlds, losing first 2 games and killing every runner afterwards.

This is probably the best ever meta for PE for a number of reasons:

  • there is very little credit denial (DoF + Grant are annoying but manageable)
  • there are no Strikes
  • runners usually play some cards that counter this deck, but not an overwhelming amount
  • people do not play against PE all that much these days, even excellent players are likely to misplay somewhere and that's often enough to die
  • Sting!

Knowing all that I felt that was the deck to take, depending on the matchup and piloting skills it can force multiple guesses from the runner. Guessing wrong once is usually lethal.

The point is to assemble enough damage to kill the runner. Usually this will be 6, sometimes the runners will do you the courtesy of not drawing to their full hand size. Those are particularly tasty fried.

You are trying to build a board that kills. Mulligan for Mushin, it's the most important card in the deck (hence LPL). You want to be Mushining and adding the 4th advancement as often as possible (Stings and Philotic are no exception). 3x advanced things are infinitely less scary and easier to difuse, but frequently you'll have to settle for 2x, sometimes 3x.

If you are piloting this, there are 2 golden rules:

  • DO NOT SCORE AGENDAS (scoring 7 points or going for the kill are pretty much only reasons to score, exceptions from the rule better be really, really good and considered 16 times)
  • Always stay above 3 credits. Your board is your win condition and the threat of Junebugs or Overwriters is it's best protection. Wait a turn and take 3 creds if you have to

The name comes from the night before Worlds. . I was determined to play PE even though my friends were non-believers and wanted me to play Sports or a scoring Jinteki. The final argument was that there is no way someone does not misplay a single click against a weird PE with a full stomach. After lunch no one survived.

This is a Netrunner minigame really. A fun one though!

22 Oct 2019 boreira

I didn't believe and ended about 100 spots below you hehe

22 Oct 2019 DonLoverGate

This is a thing of beauty, but how do you protect yourself against Apoc decks?

22 Oct 2019 Matuszczak

@DonLoverGatesadly you don’t really. Kagugos and all the damage could help, but you’d need to get lucky. Apocalypse is scary as hell in the hands of a skilled opponent, but this goes for almost all corp decks these days. If you get hit, you just start over and try to collect your damage again.

23 Oct 2019 valerian32

Oh, I'm going to try it. It seems fun = D

24 Oct 2019 moistloaf

Why not Medical Research instead of IPO?

26 Oct 2019 Matuszczak

@moistloaf definitely worth considering/testing. I went for IPO, because getting to 8 usually isn't too problematic: you' want to be floating close to IPO range anyway so you can afford Kakugo + Overwriter. Depending on the matchup and runner draws in some games their money will matter, other games it will be completely irrelevant, MRF would be perfect there.

29 Oct 2019 MELLONE75

@Matuszczak hi man a question for u! Chrysalis how it works in this deck? i see it like a snare in rnd but nothing more (is otoroshi better? i think a lot of traps if it fires is great )

30 Oct 2019 Matuszczak

@MELLONE75 I quite like it. Obviously ICE isn't really stopping the runner in this deck, it's there so they cannot torment you for free without consequences. It's an ok trap and an ok ICE, I think both functions together make it a card worth playing here (firing it does not cost you money, it's also important). Otoroshi looks janky, but worth testing: I like how it helps you have 4+adv on everything on the board which is your desired state.

30 Oct 2019 MELLONE75

@Matuszczak Tu so much i'll test it

21 Nov 2019 BigPopp

So basically anyone with feedback filter/caldera/film critic can run your day?