Reversed Dartachiappa - 6th @ Italian National 2019

Berzelius 164

This is the deck I've brought to the Italian National 2019 (23-24/11/2019). It's a pretty straightforward Argus deck.

Here's a small report.


  • Round 1 win vs Dragar's 419: I heavily rushed, at the point that he had to take some tags in order to steal my winning agenda, hidden behind some Data Raven and Border Controls, gaining 2 points and an HPT as a reward.
  • Round 2 win vs T4ng' Apoc(?) Val: I manage to outrush her, also thanks to the tempo gained by a couple of HHN.
  • Round 3 win vs Klark's Kumalo: a matchups I feared a bit. There were only a few minutes left, so I started to rush as fast as I could, to the point that, when time was called during his turn, I had more points than him. He went tag me hoping to win, but I had a BOOM! ready to be deployed.
  • Round 4 and 5: ID.


  • Round 1 win vs Darta's Apoc Val: rush to 7 points. At some point, he stimhacks my scoring server where I bluffed a Rashida and loses his Apoc (one in six cards!) to the brain damage. His reaction is already legendary and gives the name to the deck ("dartachiappa" is the name of his signature stroke of luck).
  • Round 2 loss vs koga's Kabonesa (amazing deck, check it out): almost impossible matchup versus one of the strongest italian players.
  • Round 3 (runner) loss vs ar00ndell.

Thanks to Porkobolo and Atien for organizing this amazing tournament.

Always be "dio dio dio dio dio dio dio"ing.