Italiano Gangster - Dr. Keeling Edition @IKoS 2023

Silent Arbiter 66

The Italiano Gangster has been revisited for the Italian King of Servers 2023.

Instead of the Snare + Mwanza to go rich and punish runs we opted for a more credit taxing strategy.

The key of the deck is forcing the runner to choose his path to losing. Either Keeling, sacrifice half of the board to Tracker or going poor to those traces, stealing an obo followed by a punitive, stealing a bacterial allowing us to find the second punitive… The forks are everywhere and this is what makes this deck so much fun to pilot. The mono Gene Splicer is a gem, that enable both the score win and a trap for the runner if installed behind Shields and Swords.

Thanks to all the organisers for this event, had a lot of fun and hope to see you all again soon!

15 Mar 2023 Vacilotto

RH is love, RH is life. Going to test this list right now.