Uncomfortably Big MaxX (1st CO Berlin)

lostgeek 3132

I asked Asger for a Big MaxX list and he came back with this run-of-the-mill list. It is your typical heap of good cards. Most notable maybe for the omissions:

No Gachapon as we don't believe this is what the deck actually wants. There are too many bad hits and too few cards that you actually want to remove from game.

No Stargate as our endgame is strong enough as it is.

No Mad Dash, as it is too unreliable at times.

It dropped a game in time, where I missed a line that would have ensured the draw (run and force Anoetic trigger to leave the Corp with too little money to score out themselves). It lost another game against PD, who just raced away with the game faster than I could find answers for.

Thanks @5n00p1 for organizing the tournament and all player for a fun day of Netrunner!