Heartbeat Hoshiko (1-2-1, 8th May AMT)

jfoley 80

This is my updated DOTW Heartbeat Hoshiko list I played in the CO in Spokane, WA and the April AMT.

Lots of changes - we add Harbingers, Imp, Raindrops, and Pinhole, losing Nuka, Liberated account, Dirty Laundry, Trickster, and Finality.

Losing money/draw for some tech was good but ultimately still needs revamping to compete with Silent Arbiter's Loup/Simulchip/Labor Rights version of this idea.

Won against Thule, Lost twice against Azmari (which is a tough matchup w/ less money and draw), and drew against Cold Site/Keeling AgInfusion.

Really fun but not sold on it being competitive generally unless you know you're in a meta you know is heavy on HB core damage or asset/grinder PE.