Bankhartbeat (in Loop) - 3/0 @ april AMT

Silent Arbiter 378

Welcome to the Wolf Show.

After the Italian Kos, where I’ve seen more PE then corps, the right call seemed to be an heartbeat deck. And it was.

The beating heart of the deck is the sinergy that I presented to you in the gnatbeat. Facechecking every ice with joy is something you’ll experience when playing those two cards togheter. Then a bounch of sacrificable stuff, Harbinger and Simulchip + 3x Labor Rights allow you to access every turn taking net instead of breaking the subroutines on the first ice, which is wonderful.

Pinhole Threading here just to make sure you can always enter remotes with defensive upgrades, usually all the important stuff are trashed directly from central server with the Imps.

  • Game 1 : OUTFIT

This game is always a coinflip, if the corp starts with a lof of economy and good ices on central servers they can win before we are able to setup. This matchup is the reason I started playing the third Bankhar. Lucky me, in the first 3 turn I scored 6 points and won on turn 5 finding the missing point.

  • Game 2: MIRRORMORF

Onestly, this is the corp I love more in HB. Was the first I have ever played and it was a pleasure to play this match. 4 points to each player, trashing every MCA allowed us to play the game relaxed. The remote was accessible due to Bankhar + Botulus and at that point there was no score window for the corp. In the end I was a little bit scared of a potential 1x Big Deal, but on the last turn corp was on 10 credits. Won with simulchipped Imp, trashing the last corp card from R&D. Most enjoyable game of the day.

  • Game 3: PE

This matchup is always owful. But not for us, right Heartbeat? :3 The only thing you have to put your attention on is to end your turn with at least 3 cards in hand due to Blood in the Water. The funniest run has been the one into an Anansi, with the 2 MKUltra in hand. Had to trash a botulus and tsakhia to Heartbeat to survive the 6 damages. The 3x Labor Rights does the job everytime.

This deck was a real pleasure to manouvre. On the other hand, the corp left me quite hopeless after game 2 and 3 that started with 7 and 6 points in hand after mulligans. The last game was a 241, got corp and I was already sad, then I totally gifted it cause I forgot the runner was tagged, letting a Smoke’s Twinning and taka alive, which costed me the game and maybe the top cut (would have been close with SOS). Yey I’m good at netrunner.

After all it has been a really cool tournament, thanks to the judges and to all the runners, hope to play again with you soon!

16 Apr 2023 Diogene

AMAZING!!! I love this SO much! Thanks for sharing!

16 Apr 2023 Jai

Really cool deck, was a pleasure getting to cast it on stream!

16 Apr 2023 jfoley

Great list and a pleasure watching it destroy my corp lol. I also really loved that both of our Heartbeat decks got to play on stream in a runner split :D