Hivemind MaxX (1st, 4th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 14th at Early Bird)

Pinsel 2567


This MaxX is built around Progenitor + Hivemind, supercharging your toolbox of different viruses. Most of these viruses don't actually consume hosted virus tokens and allow you to deal with a variety of problems that the corp throws at you. With Gateway we got:

  • Fermenter: This card is the main econ engine of this deck. With just 3 counters on it, a Cookbook + Hivemind pushes this to 10 credits for a click.

  • Botulus: Your main way of breaking ICE. The cookbook makes this icebreaker really strong, and it interacts well with simulchip. In an emergency, this can also eat some Hivemind tokens.

  • Conduit: This virus is your wincon, and turns your charging of Hivemind with Knobkierie into actual accesses.

  • Tranquilizer: Your Glacier killer. With Hivemind and Cookbook this virus derezzes the ICE it is installed on right away, even directly after a purge. In conjuction with simulchip, which is giving you instant installs, you can easily bypass hell spiders, aswell as pressure a glaciers economy.

A couple of old viruses make the toolbox complete

  • Aumakua: This is a fantastic breaker and with Hivemind, this is always at a high strength, so you don't have to pay a lot of money using bin breakers.

  • Imp: Trashing cards unconditionally is very powerful, especially if you have a knobkierie to back it up. This allows you do get rid of problematic corp wincons, or just save money. It is also fantastic to beat Spombo

  • Chisel: This is your longterm solution for small ICE. With hivemind and cookbook this hits a surprising number of ICE, all at instant speed thanks to simulchip. Once you got your hivemind loaded up, this can even trash hell spiders on encounter, giving you yet another tool to deal with ICE.

On top of the virus toolbox, we got MaxX, giving you carddraw to find your engine pieces, as well as milling your viruses, so you get access to them via simulchip. Finally, we get to play labor rights, which allows you to recur up to 9 of your power cards, to close out the game.

Even though Progenitor + Hivemind are the main engine, there are two important additional support cards: Knobkierie and Cookbook. The Cookbook makes all your viruses faster and better. Especially Botulus becomes a lot better, because usually ICE have 2 subs that are really punishing. Knobkierie charges your Hivemind, which in turn makes all your viruses a lot stronger. It makes the first Conduit run, access 4-5 cards, or pushes Fermenter to 12+ credits on the same turn you install it.

At last, addressing the orca in the room, this virus deck is surprisingly resilient against cyberdex sandbox. Most of your viruses still work after getting purged, and the hivemind on a progenitor gives you some additional protection. Your virus are also very powerful the moment you install them, and simulchip allows you to react to purges aswell.

4 Apr 2021 JackMade

Such a cool deck! Love it.

4 Apr 2021 lostgeek

10/10 would nap again

4 Apr 2021 CooK_eD

Fun write up. What have you found the hard match ups to be?

4 Apr 2021 Watzlav

Love the deck, but boy does seeing the Hivemind art trigger my trypophobia.

4 Apr 2021 qvm

For all the people saying that Cookbook is worse than Grimoire: being able to pair it with Knobkierie that much stronger!

Amazing deck

4 Apr 2021 percomis

Got my mind on my hive and my hive on my mind. Also, well done building an amazingly fun deck. Conduit goes brrrrr!

4 Apr 2021 ilksvorbern

This one of the coolest decks I've seen in ages. Love that in a meta where everyone is talking about Virus hate, that you've created something that pushes so many viruses! Can't wait to play this.

4 Apr 2021 manveruppd

Nappy because Tranquilizer?

4 Apr 2021 CooK_eD

Maybe Nappy because Dyper

4 Apr 2021 grogboxer

You all really think this name is just fine, huh

4 Apr 2021 Testrunning

@manveruppdthat was the original idea @CooK_eDthat was a accidental nice side effect

4 Apr 2021 Pinsel

The name was supposed to be a word play on Stabby MaxX and tranquilizer sending ICE to sleep/take a nap. I have changed the name to something more appropiate now.

@CooK_eD Sandbox still helps, even if it is not a blowout. Sometimes it doesn't get to the end of the deck fast enough and struggles against very fast corps. Especially the PD rush matchup seems very hard

5 Apr 2021 Havvy

It isn't often I look at a deck and it makes me want to sleeve it immediately!

5 Apr 2021 5N00P1

@HavvySleeving? What is that?

Would have loved me some Nappy Maxxxxxxx congrats on this cool build! The thing I have expected the least such a virus heavy deck. I assumed Sandbox would get the ban hammer. This deck will prevent it....

5 Apr 2021 Shent

An actuall hivemind deck? Christmas came early! Have you tought about putting in some Friday Chips, perhaps increasing the amount of Imps to get the hivemind going more explosively?

6 Apr 2021 Council

Don't talk to me or my boi marcophage ever again

Fo real tho, this deck is insane. Super fun to play and really good too

6 Apr 2021 zmb

Time to slot that Archives Interface :O

6 Apr 2021 zmb

Ahm lol ment Ark Lockdown

6 Apr 2021 ataraxis

this deck is wild, i love it!

8 Apr 2021 InsetoVermelho

damn bro, 10/10

9 Apr 2021 JakeHelms

Absolutely love it.

10 Apr 2021 CowboyTintin

Let me just say it is so awesome to see a regular, 45 card MaxX, that is both consistent and good. Losing Levy really hit MaxX hard, and it's really nice to see a really well built MaxX deck again.

13 Apr 2021 ptc

Do you think it’s ever worth Rebirthing into Freedom with this deck? Seems strong with all the passive virus counter generation, but then again Omar + Conduit is pretty hard to pass up...

13 Apr 2021 ptc

Oh wait, that’s a nonbo. Duh. So Freedom might be a better choice in a lot of situations?

13 Apr 2021 ilksvorbern

I find sometimes late game I’ve had about 10 counters on Botulus which are on a different server to the one I’m attacking, and thought Freedom would be a great choice there to help with giving more accesses.

15 Apr 2021 Pinsel

@ptcusually i rebirth into omar. omar is good to dodge cvs in archives and switching to R&D still gives you a conduit token, so you can follow the omar run up with a conduit run. Freedom is a situational rebirth target when you need to knock certain pieces out of hand, for example against spombo. Freedom is also a great target when you play against CtM. Since they are so light on ICE, omar is not needed and killing tag punsishment or low cost assets is great. Against more ICE heavy corps, you shouldn't rebirth into freedom, even if a lots of botulus counters tempt you to do it: Omar is a better finisher

For a small update, I have been trying 2x Wildcat Strikes instead of the Black Orchestra and a Knobkierie and money, that is independent of the engine, helps you a lot.