MaxXimum Fermenters

Sokka 5144

Got some interest in my Hivemind MaxX list so I thought I’d throw it out there.

Hivemind MaxX’s most powerful economy card is Fermenter so essentially I just trimmed out the other economy cards (Daily Casts, Wildcat Strike, Paladin, etc.) in favour of a very consistent set up. With 3 Gachapon, 2 Earthrise, and 3 I’ve Had Worse, you draw through your deck at MaxXimum speed and will usually find at least 2 Fermenters.

Gachapon can fetch you Cookbook, Hivemind, Botulus, Progenitor, and of course Fermenter. The faster you set up, the faster you get into “do whatever you want” mode, and the faster you win :)

22 Aug 2021 Havvy

Just saw this in discord you posted, had a couple of games and I love it!

22 Aug 2021 Bridgeman

Can confirm that this deck is good :D

28 Aug 2021 Chinchilling

Happy to help! Thanks for leaving a comment. mcdvoice)

26 Nov 2021 Chien15

Exactly what I needed! You just saved me several hours. Thanks!


29 Nov 2021 Mitchell25

Thanks for sharing, I am very impressed with your post.


1 Dec 2021 Nadia48

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11 Jan 2022 Verrillv

Fermenters made of glass or stainless steel are available in different sizes, each having a different volume capacity: small-sized fermenters 1–2 l; medium-sized 12–15 l; and large fermenters about 100,000 gallons.


21 Jan 2022 Queen

Exactly what I needed! You just saved me several hours. Thanks! TalkToWendys)