Wey Asset Kill S3C (Core 2.0 Only)

Pirsig 2

This is the final version of the corp deck I used during most of the Stimhack Triple Core tournament that ran from Dec 2017 to Feb 2018. This was a revised core only tournament and I ended in the middle of the pack after Swiss. It's certainly not the best deck in the world, but I feel like it did alright considering I just got into netrunner a couple weeks before the start of the tournament.

The deck is meant to be a straight up kill focused deck, but I scored out almost as often as flatlined on wins with the deck. I often had problems getting good use out of Dedicated Response Team so it was slowly phased out, and might be something I would replace altogether if I was going to modify the deck again.

The traps in the deck are definitely the most interesting part and can be a very valuable surprise. The Snare! tended to be expected unless they could be baited into believing it was a naked asset and they were trash happy, but throwing out Project Junebug or Aggressive Secretary if the runner hadn't seen traps in the deck yet was often very surprising. And once the advanceable traps are known the runner tends to be a bit more wary of just running anything you've advanced at all costs, usually opening things up for an easy GRNDL Refinery or agenda.

If I were going to continue to play this deck one of the other refinements I would make is dumping the final Hive in the deck. Despite it's usefulness early game and the deck's focus on killing versus scoring I found it was rarely helping all that much, and would come up late too often even back when I ran three in the first iteration of the deck.