Boring Assmari (1st @ Michigan SC)

Janktivist 402

Based on @rotomappliance's Goldcoats deck. Changes includes a third IPO in place of the third NGO Front, a couple Slot Machines for Enigmas, more Hydra in place of a 1-of Turnpike, and an F2P in place of the 1-of Jua. (F2P is pretty dope, it turns out.)

Nothing special here. Get money, call Event (mostly), set up ultra-taxing servers that the runner has to break through 2-3 times because of Border Control and/or Bio Vault. Stick Crisium Grids on HQ, RnD, or both, depending on the matchup. Etc., etc., we know the drill.

Wins against 419 (x2) and Leela. My one loss was against an awesomely aggressive Adam deck excellently piloted by @danosuke. Fewer games to report W/Ls on here because @stoppableforce and I 241'd our fourth round wherein I ran, and I only corp'd once in the cut.

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