1st place SOCR5 - Memergent Ayla (6-3)

osclate 687

Emergent Creativity-Monolith combo Ayla went 3-2 in Swiss and 3-1 in the cut, for an exciting game 3 win vs Crithitd20 in the finals!

Pretty straightforward game plan of drawing Emergent Creativity, Monolith, and 3 programs to combo out, then spam DDM until you win. An earlier version of the deck had Proco (with Levy as restricted card) instead of Mopus/Laguna, but this version was much more consistent (thanks to Kevin Tame for suggesting Laguna over Proco)!

The matchup against a fast Azmari deck is hard, and all three of my matches in the cut were vs. Azmari. In rounds one and two, I won by blind mad dashing a double-advanced card in the remote (knowing my opponent was on the 6 3-pointers build). CritHit's Azmari was on the more traditional GFI/Beale agenda suite, and I really only won because all the agendas were on the bottom of his deck. He could rush much faster than I could set up, as he demonstrated in game one! You can view the finals here: https://youtu.be/hmEsUbGRQMg

The deck is fun and better than expected, though it was certainly helped by the fact that my AgInfusion deck went undefeated in the tournament.

Thanks, as always, to FightingWalloon for organizing a fun event! Keep an eye on Stimhack for info on SOCR6!

3 May 2018 presheaf

This deck makes me want to try CR again. Congratulations!

6 Jun 2018 5N00P1

Thanks for posting this deck. Took it to Euros Cache Refresh 2018 and placed 10th with it. Was very satisfied with it, won 2 out of 3 games I played, as it was a 1 sided event + bidding. Replaced Battering Ram with Laamb for value! You can get in and break when they try to rush. Not sure if I would include Engolo to replace Gordian Blade with.