Saraswati Lose-a-bunch

Absotively 1064

I made some changes to youngoli's Saraswati Spam-a-lot and took it to the Edmonton 2018 Regionals, where I won exactly one game with it in four rounds of Swiss. But I at least had fun playing it.

I really like Reconstruction Contract for getting the last agenda out. I never got to Otoroshi a Junebug, but it was still pretty taxing for a two cost sentry, so I have no regrets there. I think Improved Protein Source is decent when you can essentially never-advance it, or at least it's better than Jumon. Breached Dome combos with Reconstruction Contract, though admittedly only when the stars align just right. Prisec is there to double down on that strategy, which was probably a bad idea. NGO Front is fine so long as your opponent doesn't run it until after you can rez it, and they often don't.

The real trick, based on my one win, is to get lucky enough to see all three Medical Breakthroughs early, and also have your opponent leave multiple Reconstruction Contracts alone.

Employee Strike was very annoying, so if I continue playing this, I might add a current. Or a third Trick of Light.