More Hot Garbage (Onedefeating Worlds 2020, 162th at 1B)

eniteris 20

There is a fifth archetype beyond that which is known to man. It is a archetype as vast as the cardpool and as timeless as infinity. It is the higher ground above glacier and asset spam, between aggro and control, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Jank Zone.

Let me set the scene.

You come back late after an evening of Mahjong and drinking on October 6th, and when you step through the door, you look at the time. There are only three hours left for deck registration. You decide you still have time.

You weren't quite sure if you wanted to play in Worlds. You haven't bought a ticket, and you have no decks prepared. You shuffle through your old decks, Mass Driver Kit, Nfr Null, Too Many Hats, and you find this one, and it looks alright. After all, you made this after Continentals in response to all the Asa going around. Perhaps you weren't entirely sober then, either. You decide to take it out for a spin.

You play a couple rounds against randos on Jintkei. At this point, it's probably filled with others who have made the same questionable choice of testing their decks this late. The deck plays fine, it could use some tuning, but you're still not feeling it. You settle into a post-game chat with one of your opponents, and during that conversation, you realize the truth.

This game isn't about winning. It's about having fun.

You immediately buy the ticket, and register your decks. And committed yourself to the Jank Zone.

Should I have cut the Kasi Strings? Yes. Would that be a violation of my morals to include all real fake agenda points in this deck? Also yes. A moral victory also counts as 3 points. In my heart. 0 points in the standings.

My only regret is not topdecking a second Notoriety on stream in Game 1. I had two or three opportunities to do that as well, but unfortunately, Titan scored out before I could find another one.

I matched against 3 Titans and won 1 of them (GFI Chela Chela, but the Gentleman's Apocalypse was rudely interrupted by an agenda), but at least gave the other two good games. Unfortunately, this deck runs very little money, which becomes a problem when playing against any sort of kill deck, of which there were two (City Works Dedication...what's the chance that they have two Punitives in hand?). Game 3 I ran straight into a Snare! And Game 7 I ID'd for prizes.

If you count Kasi String as tech, then I guess I teched for the wrong matchups. Against Titan, you could probably drop the Logic Bomb for a Clot, but then you'd lose some of the spice. The deck is also heavily dependent on good early draw (either a Diesel or Earthrise), so ProCo would fit nicely if you had more money.

Cut to interior apartment. Midnight. The Present. You did not make the top cut. But a smile is still plastered on your face. Because once you enter, you can never leave...the Jank Zone.

11 Oct 2020 Havvy

One of my funnest games playing first game. Unique match that I will always remember :)