Sparkling Credit Denial

CyberClick 61

It took a while, but after a lot of testing I finally have the courage to share my deck. I have tweaked it many times, to what it is today. It has a win/loss ratio of 80/20 on J-net, but most important: It's fun to play!

The goal is simple: Interrupt the runners' cashflow by rezzing cheap advertisements each turn and deny them to play valuable events or resources. In an ideal situation you want to protect your assets by scoring an AR-Enhanced Security as fast as possible.

Most of the assets work two ways. On the one hand it denies the runner to build up a healthy economy and on the other hand it provides you some credits as well. Make sure to let them click for credits! Marilyn Campaign is included due to her 'recurring' ability. She basically lets you have 3-4 more advertisements in your deck.

Try to lure them into a Mumbad Virtual Tour or fire a Reversed Accounts if they manage to build up more than 10 credits. And if this all doesn't work, declare a real Economic Warfare.

Besides all the above, I have included alot of ICE with a "When encounter the runner losses X-credits" effect. This hurts... especially when you run into an agenda you can't afford.

As a second win condition I have included ONE copy of High-Profile Target. And whether you believe it or not, it won me the game around 20% of the time.

Be aware of Bad Publicity, since these credits can be used for the "When encounter" effects. So protect your archives and watch out for possible accidents and such.

I hope you'll enjoy playing this deck.


And oh... forgot to say... Paper Trail is included to roast all of the runners' connections. Remember, it's about credit denial and we don't want Kati and her friends to interfere with our plan.