Leela's Superfun Derez Party

mcbeast 1018

You've seen it, you've heard about it and you've probably played against it; GPI Net Tap Leela: 1303149098_useless-machine.gif

I was going to post this after the UK vs Denmark match that was supposed to happen February 7th, but because of reasons it was postponed. Original archetype was copied from @kusoash's deck that you can find via this link. This version is the brainchild of @TugtetguT and me.

This deck is good against most things, except for Kill-CI and coinflip-Mushin-decks.

Plan is easy: Draw a lot of cards, get money, install at least two GPI Net Tap, Zamba, at least one Turtle and get money and counters on Turtle when exposing ICE. Rubicon Switch let's you derez one ICE that was rezzed the same turn, and together with Xanadu it drains the Corps money REAL FAST. Leave no Trace is a really good card.

Never run last click! You wan't to keep the ICE unrezzed for as much as possible. Also, you maybe have heard about this, that you can on a server with at least two ICE expose and jack out after the outermost ICE you encounter, without using a GPI Net Tap. All in the Run timing structure.

Bird can also be Airplane, if that's your thing. I like Bird because you can derez ICE turns after you've missed Rubicon.

You can see the deck in action piloted by TugtetguT here: https://youtu.be/XMLveZhLehM

Some tips:

  • Tapwrm together with FIS can be real pain in the butt for the corp.
  • If you're fearing Swordsman or Destroyer-ICE and you don't have counters, install multiple Turtles and Sacrificial Constructs.
  • This deck is slow, therefore you want a lot of draw to install your things.
  • Played right you don't need neither Maxwell James nor Hernando Cortez.
  • Don't let ICE stayed rezzed, as every unrezzed ICE gives you money and counters, and also taxes the Corp!

So how bonkers is this deck? This bonkers.



8 Feb 2018 kollapse

It is indeed slow, but not as slow as one might expect seeing the list. Getting Aumaka in range of every non-Swordsman/Turing/advanced Hortum within a couple of turns is not hard, and it is an economic disaster for the corp.

8 Feb 2018 RavnR

This deck is a monster. No, seriously. It is. My version is better though. I still think that Maxwell James is a given include.

8 Feb 2018 Xh4rx4d

Cut 2 cards (Build Script/Daily Casts?) and add 2x Dean Lister

8 Feb 2018 mcbeast

@Xh4rx4d Could work, although most important is to get set up with Rubicon. An almost full rig that's OK costs 15 credits, and getting in is not the problem (see added image in description).

8 Feb 2018 Xh4rx4d

Yeah, I didn't think of how fast counters would add up. Maybe 1x Lister could help with extreme cases, but wouldn't need it most of the time, so it doesn't warrant the include. What's your play against tag storm or asset spam?

8 Feb 2018 x3r0h0ur

I fit in 1 lister in my testing build. I also put in 3 fester because I found the build scripts not that great, and 3 sac cons hasn't been needed. The festers definitely slow down the purges early, protecting tapwrm. I can't wait to divert funds with this deck :X

8 Feb 2018 vor_lord

This looks disgusting. Bravo! If the slow speed is the drawback, consider swapping out Film Critic for Gang Sign as your unicorn? You'd need to find a couple more slots but it pains me when I see a singleton for the unicorn unless it's Levy AR Lab Access.

8 Feb 2018 zmb

Sigh... why did you post this? I is rough enough to play against @TugtetGut in my local meta, and now here too? ;-) Teching against it as we speak :D

8 Feb 2018 zmb

@vor_lord with all the new defensive 5/3 Film Critic is the obvious choice i guess... I hate that card so much!

8 Feb 2018 kollapse

@vor_lord Film Critic is pretty essential against defensive agendas as @zmbpoints out, which Gang Sign is not. Leela in her self provides some tempo that e.g. the Los variants don't, so I think it's fine without GS. And you are right zmb, this deck is disgusting. Thankfully mcbeast isn't in my closest meta, but we'll end up in a tourney soon enough. :P

9 Feb 2018 kusoash

Thanks for the shoutout! I've refined my version to be very similar to this by including Build Script and dropping Tapwrm and SacCon and maintaining econ through GPI/Zamba, Data Folding and discounts from The Supplier. I still find Rubicon to be too click and credit intensive and rely on Peregrine, Ankusa, and Flashbang for derez on the go. Derez extras with MJ and LNT. Congrats on your success!

9 Feb 2018 Manadog

So what's the tech against this? CVS? Boot Camp? IP Block/Swordsman?

9 Feb 2018 mcbeast

@Manadog Bootcamp can is kind of disruptive, yes. Although, with Xanadu out it can be a hazzle, and running naked remotes/central can still boost Turtle. It's doable, but slow and can be tough - although not impossible.

10 Feb 2018 ChairmanHiro

You could run this out of any crim, though. Why Leela? Her ability gets rid of unrezzed cards, but you WANT unrezzed cards for GPI to work. Why not Los (more money) or Silhouette (smaller deck size, faster setup, more exposes).

10 Feb 2018 mcbeast

@ChairmanHiro I've chosen Leela as ger ability is disruptive both by passive and active actions and therefore slows down the Corp, and also can break apart the Corps boardstate if needed. Sure, Los gains money but that's not the issue. Silhouette could work, but what would you cut to make her more speed effective? Also ger ability is only once per turn and when you access HQ.

11 Feb 2018 ChairmanHiro

@mcbeastThat's a tough call, but I would likely look at shaving off Career Fair (too few targets, clogs hand), Build Script (unnecessary with smaller deck size), maybe one copy of Leave No Trace, and Xanadu. Those seem like the least necessary to the deck. Leela's ability is good, but I don't think it synchronizes with the deck strat that well. Until you are fully set up, you will virtually never run, so you won't get her ability proactively, and you have nothing in the deck to punish servers being open after a bounce. The (on average lets say) 2 click tax of 2 scores is pretty inconsequential for the corp to be at 4-5 points before you start acting. Once you DO start pressuring the corp, though, bouncing unrezzed ice is bad for you because it slows yourself down, you need unrezzed ice on the board to feed your engine. I can understand playing it out of Leela just for a lack of other strong choices, though. I'd like to try it in Silhouette, but I'm pretty sure that once 419 comes out this shell will instantly migrate to him and never leave.

1 Mar 2018 benhosp

Yes this is a 419 deck waiting for him to turn up. Until he does, Leela is probably the best “generic” criminal to put in just because she screws with Corp tempo so much. You’re right that Los (and Iain, usually otherwise a decent choice for slow Crim) just get you money you don’t really need. Maybe it’s worth swapping the Xanadu for a Makers Eye for a chance at early open server punishment?

Nero actually has ok synergy with Rubicon, and could get you out of having to trash a GPI tap to dodge a swordsman?