LAT - All-in on R&D

Xtreme 54

This deck is built around the console Mind's eye, which is a card that I haven't seen in play much, so I decided to give it a go. I like how Mind's eye works together with R&D interface and Indexing for a way to control what you access.

The deck is a semi-normal shaper deck, but the main goal is to just hammer R&D to get counters on Mind's eye (For later use) when R&D interfaces installed (hence Modded) to get run-free access on R&D.

Cards like TTW, Harmony AR Therapy, Psych Mike and other run events (together with PPVP) is to make efficient runs on R&D to keep the econ going. Card draw is the only issue I have stumbled upon when testing it to get the combo going (since no Diesel).

The ideal play is to indexing followed by Maker's eye (and TTW), to increase the counter on Mind's eyes and get money back from Psych Mike. A great play is also to use the Mind's eyes counter without running to avoid things like SEA Source and HHT.

This is one of my first deck that I'm uploading and will love to have some feedback from it.

Looking forward to System Gateway and Update! Thanks Nisei for keeping the game alive <3

1 Mar 2021 m.p

What about swapping Beth Kilrain-Chang for the third copy of Mind's Eye? I know that Beth is a extremely good card, but I think that the more Mind's Eyes you have, the better it is (as you have more time to make runs on RnD and you get more counters), and therefore it may be worth it to have 3 copies of Mind's Eye. Also it might be worth it to swap Kati Jones for the second (and maybe Citadel Sanctuary for the third copy if you won´t need it as a silver bullet) of Psych Mike for more reliable econ. Maybe even swap Corroder for Gauss and cut The Turning Wheel (as a 1-of it won´t help you that much), maybe for the third copy of The Maker's Eye (so this is how you combined a good econ with strong focus on RnD!) so you can swap Lat for Akiko Nisei: Head Case and make even stronger RnD lock, but then you would lose the card draw from Lat so idk.

1 Mar 2021 Baa Ram Wu

I do love a bit of minds eye - and the way it synergises with R&Di can be very strong - if anything I would say that the combo of 3 index, 3 RDi and 2 Makers eye was overkill on R&D ..... but considering the name of the deck is maybe appropriate.

I think you have already found the place this deck could suffer - that being draw. Finding space for 3 diesels will ultimately help the consistency here a lot (especially with those awkward hands where you have modded in hand but nothing to install with it.)

I would consider cutting 1x makers eye for a diesel to start with - finding the other slots is trickier (poss - 1 TTW swapping corroder for paperclip would free up 1 slot)

All very well having this insane R&D pressure - but if you can’t find the tools/econ to get in then it feels bad.

Fwiw I kindda disagree with m.p above - I think 2x minds eye is correct and I wouldn’t play any more than 1 psyche mike (2nd/3rd are dead draws and worth noting that mike is a nonbo with indexing turns)

Citadel as your only bit of tech seems fine as it fills a couple of roles. You do have a single spare MU slot which I would consider a single rezeki for (don’t ask me to find cuts for that though - maybe a rezeki is better than one of the casts?)

1 Mar 2021 ycombinator

This is inspiring. Great to see a Mind's Eye deck.