Startup Starter Reality Plus v 1.0

YsengrinSC 328

This is one of my set of Startup Starters. These aren't meta-defining decks, but the should be solid enough to win games, and give you a shell you can use to start deckbuilding. You can find the others here.

This deck is looking to use the ID ability to generate tempo. Either the runner is giving you a lot of free draws/credits or you're scaring them away with your tagging ICE. You'll probably be building a single remote, and putting a Daily Quest in it for a little bit to generate some money. But once you've got enough, overwrite it and start scoring your agendas. Most of the them make you some money back! If the runner decides to just start taking a lot of tags, you get to trigger your ID ability to start drawing for a Psychographics. If the runner floats way too many tags, you could potentially even score a Project Beale using Psychographics to win the game! But even if they don't take the tags Anoetic Void will help you score even if you don't have the strongest end the run ICE.

If you find this deck is struggling to get money quickly you could look at swapping the Ansel 1.0 out for cheaper ICE or economy cards. You may need more tag punishment like a second Psychographics or a cheeky Retribution. Another option would be to lean more into being an ICE heavy "glacier" deck, and add some more ICE that is taxing for the runner to minimize their accesses.