StartUp Ice Destruction Hoshiko 2-1 Berlin GNK

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This deck is just synergies.

Chisel + Devil Charm for big ice, high base strenght breakers + Leech for small ice.

If we play Chisel and Leech, Cookbook is nice, and if Cookbook is in, Fermenter and Imp are as well.

The rest is just nice economy.

The trick with this deck is to trash all the Spin Doctors with Stargate from RnD :P (If you're set up early enough that's acutally possible.)


1-of breakers felt rough at times. Finding room for one Botulus is worth the effort. Some other HQ pressure then Imp would ben ice. Maybe cutting Dirty Laundries for Face Kicks or Echolon to Mimic with a Career Fair for a Docklands Pass.

Much thanks to everybody for showing up and 5N00P1 for organizing the event :)