[SG+SU21] Restoring Humanity - High Stakes (Old)

Girometics 128

After playing with this deck, this list has been tweaked and an updated version is here.

This deck is a variation of CritHitd20's SG-only Jinteki deck. I've added Trick of Light to make use of advancement counters sitting on an Urtica Cipher or even a Clearinghouse to fast advance a Nisei MK II and secure said Clearinghouse. There are also two Subliminal Messaging for the purpose of being discarded to trigger the ID ability and to further goad the Runner into wasting clicks into Archives.

Since you usually want to flatline the Runner in one big sweep (either by them running into a trap or you clearing them out), it may be an idea to run one Superconducting Hub instead of House of Knives to make stealing from HQ harder.