Bellona was a crutch the whole time (Undefeated, 2nd @ OTG)

arribous 206

When it was announced that Bellona had been banned, I figured this deck was toast. The whole point of the old version was that it was annoying for the runner to steal agendas, and a 5/3 they can just steal for no consequences seemed like a disaster. What a fool I was.

While Reeducation is easy to steal, it has the potential to let you squeak out a game you had no business winning by scoring it and forcing the runner to dump their hand right before End of the Line gets them. I never actually got a kill with this deck this way until I was playing in the second round of the top 8, the details of which are covered in PJ's writeup posted here. You can also pitch one into the trash; the runner has to steal it if they access, and now they're on full-Oppo threat.

False Lead gets special mention as a kill-enabler, you can force them to keep 2 tags after you Oppo, you can end their turn early if they hit one of your traps, there's all kinds of great things you can do with it.

This deck doesn't sweat Miss Bones too much since you're able to consistently install 5-8 credits worth of stuff to trash every turn. Conduit could have been pretty scary, but I never had anyone install it against me.

The deck was great on the day, going undefeated with one ID against PJ's Esa. Great tournament, hope to see everyone there again next year!

11 Jun 2024 pj20

Well played homie, great finish in the tournament. Definitely hope to see you again next year!

11 Jun 2024 pj20

Also added the note to my write-up that my "win" was a game we ID'd but played out. You were just setting the trap for my false confidence! lol