Hivemind MaxX with Hippo (1st SF Store Champs)

tzeentchling 869

Hivemind MaxX is a non-linear deck to play and probably the most shaper-like of Anarch decks at the moment, but once it gets going it can approach an overwhelming board state quickly. Added some Hippos to help deal with the big Acme ice I was expecting and they did okay; biggest kill was an Anansi. Changing Chisel to Trypano felt like it should be fine in a Hivemind-and-Cookbook-based deck (the Hive only needs to be at 3 counters for Trypano to instantly kill) but it still didn't always feel correct, especially when the Hive didn't show up early enough. And of course, sometimes MaxX just messes up your draw order and gives you late-game cards early while throwing econ in the trash. It happens.

The Contaminate was included to help with getting quickly back up after purges. Sometimes you don't find the Progenitor early enough and have to play the Hivemind as-is! It felt okay on the day as a 1-of and I was usually happy to see it.

Deck went 2-2, losing to a CtM (which I think is a terrible matchup for this deck) and a FA Palana deck and beating a PD and the same Palana deck in the cut. Not too bad for my first time trying the deck, but it's definitely one that you get better at with experience playing it more.