13 inf Asa, 21st at Worlds 2021

5N00P1 763

This deck was bringing me to 21th at Worlds 2021 together with my Boomerang Hoshiko and was performing better then expected.

Way to Worlds

Playing in the autumn season some events I played a lot of Haas-Bioroid: Precision Design which is obviously a strong deck. But some times it suffers when you are not able to score agendas you lose forward tempo and you lose your ID ability, ok you don't lose it, but you can't trigger it.
And on top of that in an ideal case you can trigger your ID only 2x, actually you only want to trigger it twice.

Card Choices

Based on that I thought why not play this in Asa? Tried it once forgot about it and then at our Store Champ dome_ played PD in Asa and seeing it, I was like, why not replace your Seamless Launch with Jeeves Model Bioroids and you are good to go, you can score your 4/2 with Never Advance, Jeeves stays on the board and you have the Asa power, that I was missing often in PD. So I went down this route, added Mumba Temple as you need stuff to fit into the remote but was still not satisfied and added Marilyn Campaign as you can convert your Mumbas into real Credits and this worked quite well. Removed the Anoetic Void to have some space for Audacity. Played this once only on JNet and was good to go for Worlds. Forgot to spend 2 inf... yes really, maybe a 2nd Border? Instead of a Global Food Initiative? And play 3x Project Vitruvius instead?
My clear MVP was: Jeeves, Audacity & Biotic let's you score a GFI from hand, which is not expected by most players until they access it during the game. And if you have a Vitruvius counter double Biotic is possible without Jeeves or without Vitruvius. And the standard way with Tranquility Home Grid is possible with 5 credits start of turn!

The Event

This deck went 5 - 1 at Worlds, loosing a game where I mulliganed 2x GFI & no ICE against Crim into 2x GFI & Vitruvius and no ICE ;-) got to 6 points, so I'm still proud.
I played against:
1x Wu, 2x Steve, 3x Maxx and was (maybe) lucky to dodge the Apoc match where I had no tech for.
I IDed into the last round on 27 points, assuming it would not be enough (on 30 points) for the tiebreaker but would get a better standing, but I was wrong and had to play my runner (Hoshiko).

25 Nov 2021 Longi

Who needs 15 influ anyway;) Well done Snoopi;)

25 Nov 2021 5N00P1

well yeah.... but thank you! It means a lot to me!