SnaRH! (1st Place AMT 29.10)

Baa Ram Wu 1694

Firstly a huge shout out to Bridgeman for putting together the original list Restoring Jinteki the deck is a monster and a great example of excellently clean deckbuilding!

EDIT: Apologies for not shouting out Seb K’s APAC version

This deck went 5w 0l for me on the day (and Tai breaker Team-mate Aksu who was on exactly the same list went 3-1 with it also) 2 wins by scoring out, 3 by punitive.

Next shout is to my testing group - The TAI Breakers - There is zero chance I play as well as I did on the day without the many games grinding (mainly) Mulch vs RH on both sides of the field.

Lastly massive thanks to all my opponent's on the day. I managed to record all** my games and will post them below once edited. Shout out to FixB, Fridan, Coldlava, Anarcho and Big shout out to Tuno who I got to clash with in the final.

Also - PSK is da bomb!

So Why SnaRH!

We decided that we were likely to see a large amount of Mulch and mulch Adjacent decks in the upcoming tournaments (and we were right)

So we concentrated efforts on deck we thought would have a good match up vs Mulch following these conclusions:

Mulch can be very rich if it isn't pressured and can use it's simulchips to just keep recurring Fermenters

Mulch can cheat it's way though ice incredibly efficiently but at the 'cost' of cards in hand or simulchip's for botuli

Mulch is incredibly card hungry and Audrey need access to cards in hand to be truly effective.

To be effective against mulch we need to consider how we can - tax out cards in hand/deck, put pressure on it's simulchips and pressure it's money all at the same time.

My conclusion was that Bridgemans RH was the best starting point as it has the ability to do all three of the above whilst being fast enough to not let Mulch get into late game lock.

We also have the benefit of being able to quickly shut down value runs on centrals which deals with both Arrisanna and Sable.

The best way Mulch has to combat RH is to run Hq/R&D and Imp all the Agendas / Punitive's / YDL's - which led us to the one change we made to the deck:


Snare! protects centrals - check

Snare! cannot be imped - check

Snare! taxes cards in hand/deck - check

and most importantly

Snare! can be jammed in a server and in this one specific matchup, suddenly becomes something the runner 'has to check' - as an NA Regenesis can be game at any point - in every other deck this is a terrible play... don't do it... because if the runner doesn't check the server that turn.... well you have just wasted a snare! as there's no way you can make it look more enticing to run - however in this deck you can leave it lying there... next turn over draw and discard a card or Hansai something from your hand... and all of a sudden you have a NEW potential threat... do they check it this turn? or do they check the bin and risk a 6 point punitive kill.

Snare gang

Keep an eye out below for links to the Wu Tube footage of my games!

30 Oct 2023 aksu

Also shutouts for sebastianK for doing the original list for APAC. And also for joining my random ass Jnet casual game and talk about maybe playing snare in the deck.

I will also need to eat my words. I had shat on punitive RH since APAC but now turned sides and joined the darkside.

30 Oct 2023 HaverOfFun

Wooooooohoooooooo! They’ll never stop us from yodeling! Really mega effort and result!

31 Oct 2023 Bridgeman

@Baa Ram Wu Thanks for the shout and great to see the deck killing it :D

@aksuThanks for the sebastianK shout and welcome to the dark side :D

31 Oct 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Good Shoutout @aksu - have edited the above to include it.

6 Nov 2023 Sixtyten

I endorse this snare!