Issuaq?? (Countdown to 2024)

jan tuno 2665

To celebrate the new year, myself and other members of the QTM testing group will be trying to publish daily decklists showing off ideas we've built and explored but didn't end up publishing for one reason or another.

I've been trying to make Issuaq work for a long while, at least since September. It is.. kind of almost there but not quite there. The archetype really needs a boost, especially in terms of ice that is just good and doesn't rely on Aginfusion boops or net damage threats to work properly. Tatu-Bola was great but we need more.

However the deck is just really fun to play. You slow cook lots of things, you Hansei Review + Hybrid Release very often, you close out games very suddenly when the Runner didn't expect it. The ice is bad but what can you do. Just draw your 1x Anoetic Void and you'll be safe.

Overall this feels like chordgang's and mine La Costa Grid Aginfusion deck (which they haven't published yet), but it scores a turn or two faster sometimes, but also it doesn't have all the safety and ability to operate from low credit totals that Aginfusion has. I'll sit back for a moment and wait for this to get proper tools..

11 Dec 2023 Testrunning

I just want to play Jinteki Rush/Glacier again

11 Dec 2023 Council

RH is pretty good for that

One day we shall be Issucracked, but for now it's Issuwhacc