"Don't you remember?" 1st [Startup] Swiss Nats

ataraxis 346

"Don’t you remember?"

To be honest, starting the day, I didn’t expect to win anything. My head was kind of spinning from the day before, and I brought a deck I have played before the weekend exactly once. I have never even played NEH, I think. I am a Jinteki player at heart. My thoughts were more in the line of: hey, Startup, what should I bring? Oh, I got this shiny golden ID from Jakuza, and I want to play that. Then I got a deck from Tugtetgut via lostgeek and I thought, uuu, I like that. Sounds fun. But let’s get to the point. Or rather the line:

Draw the Line

I went 4-0 on the tournament, all kills. So here is the usual gameplan:

-Install Snares and Reapers for the accidental kill (I have seen it happen ;-) or for facilitating the final blow. If you meet a central focused Runner it is also good to keep them on HQ.

-Install Gaslight, usually to find End the line, or, if the Drago is missing, a Public Trail would do fine.

-Install / advance Drago, preferably behind ice for protection.

-End of the line, because, well, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Possible changes

-1 or -2 SanSan City Grid. I never even came close to considering to score out an agenda and usually just hid them somewhere, or shuffled them back with Spin doctors.

+1 Public Trail and / or +1 or +2 Funhouse. Maybe you can stick tags.

As a side note

Because I was so focused on damage, tag, kill, I forgot (especially in the final), that tags are also good for trashing resources. I was lucky, it didn’t bite me. But there is always some realization you have after a tournament and it is always good to give it some afterthought. I had a lot of discussion about certain moves.


To Tugtetgut for the pleasure playing this deck and letting me publish it, and thanks to all the players at Swiss Nationals, especially the lovely TOs lukenukem and oggbonaian.

14 Feb 2023 Lukenukem

Congrats on the win!

15 Feb 2023 AnOddRadish

I built a very similar deck in standard (tried in both CtM and NEH) and it kind of blew. I don’t know why I didn’t think to just try it in Startup, this is primo

28 Feb 2023 revengeanceful

Sweet list! If you're not planning on sticking tags, did you consider Cryptocrash instead of FoI?

28 Feb 2023 revengeanceful

Ignore me! I was confused by your note about Public Trail / Funhouse for a moment. I see why FoI is better....really wish I could edit comments on here. :)

3 Apr 2023 somefish254

Love the art! is that HQ, Snare!, Reaper Function, Gaslight, and then Drago pushing the runner off of the line?

8 Apr 2023 Cpt_nice

I love this deck. I wasn't sure what to play in Startup anymore, but this seems like a great candidate

12 Jun 2023 Baxder

Why not swap out the SanSans for AMAZE?