The power broker

Quercia 277

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Tired of Runners meddling with your business?

Time to teach those Annoying Little Punks to respect private property! Nothing like being grounded on a hot summer day to reflect about what they've done.

Pull off a Facebook and smash that Snapchat out of existence. You gonna get some bad reputation, but you can profit from it and put it to other uses. Runners will try to take you down, so it's time rush a Corrective. Nice!

Now, go ahead and pray to whatever entity you chose to believe, but let's be real, you believe in HUGE PROFITS only. Throw that dough into some gentrification projects, like that, out in the open so everybody can see. Watch as they shout and protest while you heartlessly smash their bank accounts. If they DARE to interfere, show your teeth or make them chase their own tails and then dump them in the nearest landfill. Still moving? Well, might be time for a face-to-face meeting to straight things out.

Lesson learned: do not put your noses on other people's businesses.

Silliness aside, this is my Corp deck of choice when I'm in need of some wins to get out of a bad mood. I've been tinkering with it for a while and with the new MWL hitting the meta, this is my latest iteration. It's dangerous AF running on 12 ICE and 11 agendas but the adrenaline is guaranteed. Sometimes you kill them, sometimes you score like the wind. But you always have fun.

13 Jul 2019 tonybluehose

can't wait to take this for a spin. Also +7 Charisma for your write-up. Well done.

29 Jul 2019 apo

Your turn consisting of city works install, atlas search + play dedication, audacity was not obvious, inspiring and in fact pretty amazing! Possibly the best play of the tournament. Definitely the best from the matches I played. Nice to meet you in person!

1 Aug 2019 Quercia

@apoThanks! Super fun games we had, it was a blast. :)