The Tennin Institute for Children who Can't Run Good...

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Hello Children,

Can you not run good? Do you wanna learn to do other stuff good to? Then you should come to the Tennin Institute for Children Who Can’t Run Good and Wanna Learn to do other stuff Good Too! Our 4-Click course teaches you everything you need to know to be a professional runner and a professional human being…or clone. You will also learn other super cool skills like drawing, making money, how to use cutlery, and drawing.

At the Tennin Institute, we have a vision. Be you an ant or at least three times bigger, we think that everyone should feel smart and important. That’s why students will take part in our exciting medical research projects like infant cloning and Junebug* and go on amazing field trips to fun places like the Hokusai Grid and the exotic Edge of World resort and spa. That’s right kids, you can learn next to a real live waterfall! Hooray!

Of course, the real star is our running class, the easiest and safest this side of New Angeles filled with puzzles and games to help you achieve your personal educational agenda! Our diverse faculty includes Server Management teacher, and former professional running agent**, Tori Hanzo. We provide the bestest resources, awesomest incentives, and even a little free spending cash to make sure that by Click 4, you’ll be running like a pro!

So, if you have always wanted to learn to make your runs really, really, really, really good looking and impress all of your friends, tell your mommies and daddies to send you to the Tennin Institute for Children Who Can’t Run Good and Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good Too!

Children are our future, and here at Tennin, we want to make the future perfect!

*Project participation may vary to roles from researcher to test subject depending on performance. **Tori Hanzo’s appearance will be limited to classes where we know she will be able to impact your education.

Legal notice: The Tennin Institute for Children Who Can’t Run Good and Wanna Learn to do Other Stuff Good Too and the Jinteki Corporation are not responsible for long-term injuries received during on-campus activities and remote campus field trips. Running is a dangerous, accident heavy occupation and students and guardians are aware of the risks of undertaking it. The Jinteki Corporation guarantees to return your child (or a likeness thereof) to you after the 4-click course is completed. By attending the Tennin Institute, you accept the terms of use of all on-campus facilities and medical treatments including, but not limited to, direct brain stimulation and electroshock therapy.

Copyright 2014, Jinteki Corporation

22 Jun 2014 TimEnchanter

I don't know about the deck, but the write up is hilarious.

22 Jun 2014 funnyways3

Hehe, thank you! I had fun writing it. Though the write up actually does give you insight into how the deck operates and it actually has fared quite well. This is a pure kill deck, winning by points tends to happen mostly by luck and/or an insane amount of fear.

The key was to not deal with the bluff game so much as the "you have to deal with this" game. Hokusai, Tori, Cerebral (usually), Neural EMP, Data Mine (most of the time), these are not options like not running on a server with advancement counters. You're taking damage. Tori ensures that's brain damage, Cerebral does too (or they get scorched to death) and you slowly whittle the runner down until even those minor damage runs into a Fetal leave them open to a Neural or two that flatlines. With it being Tennin, there is added pressure to run because of it's effect, and running is exactly what I want you to do so you have to deal with all my "you have to deal with it" crap. I'll even give you money through Medical Research Fundraising to entice you a little more and lay down crap ice to make it easy. Only 4 agendas in the deck are easy steals and that still only gets you 5 points.

33 cards in the deck assist the damage engine and they don't cost a lot to play, so money control does very little against the deck. It still has a lot it could test against, but so far it is mindblowingly dangerous. And if anything, one of the most fun corp decks I've played in a very long time.

22 Jun 2014 Killerabeja

I like it! I was playing around with a similar idea at regionals that did okay, but you've purified it wonderfully. Do you have trouble once the runner's set up or does the punishment still hold through?

22 Jun 2014 funnyways3

Honestly, I've never had a runner last long enough to get set up. But the nice thing is that it doesn't matter. I don't care that runner can get through ice. Half the time, the ice blows up anyway. They just have to keep dealing with damage and they're discarding their setup anyway so it's usually pretty easy to tell when I can start scoring an agenda, which honestly I'll give 'em one or two if they take a brain damage or two in the process. Then just blow 'em with multiple Neurals or Cerebrals.

23 Jun 2014 zzzzzuu

Interesting deck!

And it looks like the perfect deck to slot in an Haas Arcology AI with your remaining influence points! Gimmick: "advancing" a rezzed Hass Arcology with Tennin's ability sounds like much fun. :P

23 Jun 2014 funnyways3

Hmmm, interesting thought. That extra click could be useful. Might try it out and Thomas Haas as well just because money is so incredibly tight. Nice idea!

26 Jun 2014 frolic

As much as i love SE in Jinteki, I think you don't have any reliable ways to tag someone. When you're sitting on 11/15 influence, I feel like that's something you can fix without too much difficulty.

First I'd trade -1 Shock for +1 Snare, that just feels like the right thing to do. Second I'd recommend Shadow over Paper Wall. Put it over your R&D and most people will choose to simply eat the tags and give you money once it costs 3+ to break.

Alternatively you could run Hunter, which i feel is a highly underrated trap ice. One to rez, to force the runner to spend 3-4 to avoid a tag, and it puts constant pressure on them to keep tags off due to Scorch fear. Running Hunter keeps you at 11inf, meaning you have room for Jackson to recur Tori, Snare, and Data Mine. Another option would be to take two Power Shutdowns to pop Sentry breakers, or replace Paper Wall with Eli.

Neat deck! Can't wait to try it.

27 Jun 2014 funnyways3

The tagging mechanic was really an obnoxious back up that I can either get lucky and surprise them with or they just don't expect it and let the tags flow freely.

I like the Shadow Idea more for the money generation (and why I'll prefer that to Hunter here). I might try this out with one or two in place of a Quandry/Paper Wall (I want to keep SOME end the run ice). I'll try out some of those idea, thank you!

I hope you enjoy it! It is a heck of a lot of fun, even though you are crazy poor most of the time, but the runner is just scared as heck because they know all it takes is a few credits and they'll slam into a brain damage.

28 Jun 2014 astrodog

Great narrative :)

30 Jun 2014 LegalizeStimHack

Bravo. Thank you for making me spit up soda all over my keyboard. Hilarious.

30 Jun 2014 funnyways3

Hehe, sorry about the keyboard, but glad you enjoyed! More to come :)

3 Jul 2014 ErPanfi

Hi! Congrats for the deck, it really hooked me :-D

I haven't played it yet, but I have a random thought that I think it deserve a comment: how about a couple of mental health clinics? After some brain damage the runner will be less willing to trash them down, and these would bring some extra credits flow...

3 Jul 2014 ErPanfi

Damn, can't edit comments -.-'

Moreso, when a MHC is more an obstacle than an advantage to you, it can be uninstalled in favour of an agenda or a trap... like:

0 - unprotected Mental Health Clinic

1 - Install ice (Data Mine ?)

2 - install Hokusai Grid, or Tori Hanzō, uninstalling MHC.

3 - Whatever you want: burst economy? another ice? extra card? you name it ;-)

If runner go for it, well, you've got some damage set :) otherwise you have the foundation for a more evolved remote...


3 Jul 2014 funnyways3

Hi ErPanfi, thank you for the suggestions! I actually did think about MHC in the initial build but there isn't quite enough focus on brain damage to make that worth surprising them with a suddenly decreased hand size. I've been finding a lot lately that getting one or two brain damage on the runner is a piece of cake and then I can whittle them down during a run and go for the kill on my turn. It wasn't helping if at the start of my turn they could still have 5 or so cards in their hand. But not completely opposed to it, might bring back Chairman Hiro for it if that's the case. If you do try it, let me know how it goes! And enjoy the deck! It is one of the most fun I've played in a long time :)

4 Jul 2014 jmmeye3

Do you find that the binary ice are good in this deck? I have a similar deck, but I use taxing ice like Pup and Eli because I want them to spend more to run the gauntlet of Snares and Shocks, etc. I never needed hard ETR ice.

10 Jul 2014 funnyways3

I do actually. There's on Komainu as a nasty surprise but everything else is "come on in." I want them to be excited to run...then scared shitless of it at practically no cost to me. However, I also need to be able to protect things I want to protect. Having ETR ice puts extra pressure on the runner because they have to search for ways to break it, which makes it less likely that they will run on Click 1, which is important because I don't want them to hit something nasty and then click draw back up.