I like big ICE and I cannot lie - Core Experience 2019

cableCarnage 1212

Core Experience Weyland - Blue Sun

Game plan

Straightforward corp game plan. Make centrals and the scoring remote taxing and start jamming. Use the id ability to reorganise defences and get filthy rich. Flatline runners that get too greedy.

Card choices

  • Contract Killer - Bait to make the runner run through a taxing scoring remote. If the bait fails, murder Kati or John.
  • Elizabeth Mills - Bad publicity from Hostile Takeover is a major weakness of the deck. 1 bad pub is ok but 2 tends to make you lose the game. You can rez this in your scoring remote and then use the id ability to bounce her and get your credits back.
  • Marilyn Campaign - Drip economy and seat warmer for agendas in the scoring remote. You can either use your id ability or shuffle back to R&D when you want something else in the scoring remote.
  • Public Support - Drag the runner through the scoring remote for no agenda points and Archer fodder.
  • Ash 2X3ZB9CY - This deck is very rich and Ash helps convert credits into defence. You also get the bonus of being able to use the id ability if it doesn't get trashed during a run.
  • Crisium Grid - Runners and especially Cirminals use cards triggering on successful runs. This puts a stop to that. Installing it on HQ makes Gabe rather sad.
  • Oversight AI - Rez expensive ICE (Hadrian's Wall, Tollbooth or Archer) early to keep the runner out, then use the id ability for a large burst of credits. Watch out for Faerie with Archer.
  • Eli 1.0 - Extremely taxing for the rez cost.
  • Tollbooth - Classic heavy tax ICE. Blue Sun's id ability counters the weakness to Femme Fatale.
4 Jan 2019 sanjayshelat

This is a really fun looking deck, with an AWESOME name!

4 Jan 2019 BlackCherries

Whoa, no Adonis? =O

4 Jan 2019 cableCarnage

Adonis Campaign is indeed amazing with Blue Sun just not sure what to cut for the influence. Maybe Ichi or one of the Ashes.