[STARTUP] Shoot the Moon Epiphany (3rd Netbrummers)

znsolomon 334

Hello all, I'm back with a new iteration of Shoot the Moon! This deck won the last netbrummers startup tournament (writeup here, this decklist also has a lot of the basic strategy of the deck.)

Updating the deck for The Automata Initiative, and Epiphany is a great choice of ID. The tempo loss of no longer being NEH is nothing compared to the crazy dig and deck-stacking tempo gain you get from the ability. I would use the ID early and often, off-setting any assets that are trashed with fresh installs. In a late game where the runner has an R&D lock set up, it can grab the winning agenda right out of your deck and install it onto a SanSan right away.

To add to this, we have the two new NBN all-star assets, Federal Fundraising and Balanced Coverage. Special mention to balanced coverage for in-person netrunner, as the runner can often tip you off to what's on top of your deck depending on how they react (if they say "fine" without even looking at their credit pool, it's probably an ICE). Getting those in there lets us cut the influence spends on econ (apart from Marilyn of course), which means we can comfortably go up to 3 pools, which massively helps consistency.

At the tournament, I went 2-1 with this list, winning against reg Sable twice (pre-paid and Hermes variants), and losing to Esa in a tight game.

30 Aug 2023 MattOhNo

Moon Pool kicks ass