Shoot the Moon Epiphany (Taylor's Version) [7th @ UK Nats St

l0velace 220

Picture the scene. It's a week-and-a-bit before UK Nationals. You've got at least a roughly good choice for your Startup Runner, but you're stumped when it comes to Corp. You want something fun, something new, something interesting. So you talk to your friends, and steal a fun-looking deck, make an incorrect meta call (that you don't end up drawing anyway), and have a blast.

Watching people forget the golden rule of Epiphany (always trash the Federal Fundraising) in real time is fun, and despite the amount of cards you have to look at, this deck really isn't too brain melty! (looks pointedly at Ob). Though maybe don't run it alongside Arissana.

16 Nov 2023 Tyranda

Yay for more people having fun with Epiphany :D glad you enjoyed, and yeah tough luck on the meta call but it happens ^^ also i 100% agree with the "don't play Arissana with it", it's been tough for me haha