Federal Fundraising

Federal Fundraising 0[credit]

Asset: Political - Ritzy
Trash: 2
Influence: 2

When your turn begins, you may look at the top 3 cards of R&D and arrange them in any order. Then, if this server is not protected by ice, you may draw 1 card.

Raising money is useful, but discovering which politician is in need of it is vastly more important.
Illustrated by Anna Butova
Decklists with this card

The Automata Initiative (tai)

#52 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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This is the "NSG nearprint" of Sensie Actors Union, a card notorious for needing to die on sight or you'd lose the game. So how does the Fundraising stack up? Quite well, actually! Beyond the obviously useful effect of helping make sure exactly the card you want ends up in your hand at exactly the time you want it (an ability just about any deck is happy to have), perfect knowledge of - not to mention the power to adjust - the top of R&D can make running there either useless or a very bad time. Much like Mindscaping, you can also use this to bluff that running is a waste of time.

It is, of course, a natural pairing with Balanced Coverage from the same set, allowing you to collect the cash with certainty, as well as an optional extra draw to keep some mystery about what's in HQ. Choosing not to draw even lets you keep a card permanently out of reach in the second slot of R&D until the Runner finds a way to multiaccess, by constantly reordering it to be lower in the deck.

While it's not all rolled into one card any more, the "Game Loss Simulator" combo with Daily Business Show (if you can find the slots) allows you to exert even more control over your deck and exactly which cards end up where - just be wary of shuffle effects or your own Spin Doctor might spell the end of your carefully sculpted plan.

Fundraising has definitely inherited its predecessor's "trash on sight" reputation, so don't expect it to live very long once rezzed...but if you're playing NBN, you likely already have an idea about what that means.

(The Automata Initiative era)