Ponpon shit - 1st & best Shaper @ Italian CoS 2024

koga 2278

The great 'pon is making a comeback thanks to the newly released cards!

Hitting Coalescence with it during the corp's turn, drawing with LilyPAD and Speccing it on your turn is just great gas. Hitting Muse is also just amazing, letting you pull pretty much whatever you feel like you could use, leaving a program on the board (or in the bin, if you're into that).
Entangler is sick, getting through Archers for 4c early is sick.

The deck could use an Aesop and an SMC, maybe a second DZMZ, along with some tech for matchups. It feels like you need LilyPAD even more than previous versions of Ari I've played, due to the sheer amount of programs you want to install. You can run out of econ at some point. I still believe DJ Steve to be a bit of a brick, but play it if you must.

I went 5-0 with this and 3-2 with Recoco Ob, with both @wowarlok and @Silent Arbiter putting up great performances, getting us to 1st place, winning us the trophy and 3 great mugs (Shaper, NBN and Jinteki respectively).
Want one yourself? Fly to EMEA!

Huge thanks to everyone as always, these weekends are a blast. I still need to get better at Challengers though, can't get a win smh

25 Mar 2024 Council
25 Mar 2024 Jai



25 Mar 2024 YsengrinSC

Definitely going to try this looks similar to what I’ve been trying- did you find you needed the Echelon? Finding slots for Diesel or Aesop’s that one stands out as potentially cuttable.

I’ve also been trying Unity / Propeller and dropping Turbine for some extra slots.

25 Mar 2024 koga

@YsengrinSC Echelon is still there because I'm a bit of an Ika hater, but I can totally see that getting cut. If I had to drop Turbine I think I'd look into other wincons as well, I'm not a fan of spending too much for Conduit runs.

26 Mar 2024 rongydoge

gachapon enjoyers unite

30 Mar 2024 xiaat

@Council youtu.be