Vamp Jesminder (1st place Brooklyn Strategist SC)

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15 Feb 2016 RubbishyUsername

Sweet list. Can you comment on using both Femme and D4vid to deal with high strength ice? What do you do about Ichi 1.0? What do you look for with Artist Colony - is it not mostly Plascrete, or is your meta dominated by News Team?

15 Feb 2016 kollapse

@RubbishyUsername Ichi 1.0 (along with a whole slew of other ICE) is probably best handled with an Atman 4, while Femme Fatale handle the lower strength Sentries. I can't speak for the deck creator, but if you keep the corp poor, he/she won't be able to rez too many high strength sentries to make this setup a problem.

15 Feb 2016 internet

@RubbishyUsername Thanks! I usually use D4v1D to bust OAI'ed ice, get into remotes cheaply/freely, and as an emergency breaker against big destroyers. With Test Run and Scavenge, you never really run out of uses. Femme is there for smaller sentries, 'on encounter' ice, and dealing with large ice on centrals. Test Run -> Femme on HQ -> Vamp -> run remote is a classic turn as well.

Atman at 4 is as good as it's ever been against EtF; it's your go-to breaker for Ichi 1.0. Clicking through and paying the trace 1 is also okay, but not great.

Artist Colony is great against News Teams and Shi.kyu, but also against 15 Minutes and decks rich in 1-point agendas. Forfeiting a random 3/1 for a breaker or R&D Interface is sometimes the right call. It's very matchup-dependent, but it overperforms against kill decks.

15 Feb 2016 Saan

What's your general plan vs FA?

15 Feb 2016 internet

@Saan It's a bad matchup. If they're on tagging ice, Jes' ability helps out a lot - facecheck aggressively early, get a RDI out, and hope for the best. If they're on cheaper binary ice, it's much harder, and comes down to how well R&D accesses are.

If you expect a lot of fast advance, -1 Femme -1 Stimhack +1 Clot may not be uncalled for. Aggressive use of Test Run and Scavenge should be enough to keep it in play enough to slow the corp down.

15 Feb 2016 Maëlig

I've played Chaos Theory "big rig" quite a bit, and this feels like its natural successor. Very nice build, I'm testing something nearly identical, I've just replaced the film critic (we already have plascrete + colony vs kill decks) for a same old thing which is great with so many high-value events.

15 Feb 2016 Maëlig

Oh and I switched the gordian blade for a torch, which is great with test run + scavenge and really helps out vs all the tollbooths and archangels going around.

15 Feb 2016 Benjen

I was looking for a solid Jes deck last weekend. Now I think I found it. Congrats on the win!

16 Feb 2016 IonFox

What are your thoughts on Code Siphon? It seems rather solid in Jes as you can get an early mopus for cheap and avoid the tag entirely.

17 Feb 2016 skydivingninja

Finally a Jesminder Vamp deck on NetrunnerDB that doesn't try to shoehorn in Panchatantra/Gingerbread! Looks pretty good! Gives me some ideas to improve/edit mine after a store champs this weekend.

I'd also like to second the Code Siphon question, as I've found it useful for me.

17 Feb 2016 internet

@Maëlig Thanks! I played CT Stimshop for a while and Jes feels much stronger. CT always struggled against NBN, so being able to run early against their tracers is so good. FC is the 45th card; depending on your meta, it could be any other tech card.

Torch is an interesting idea, although I'm afraid that it'd put a lot of stress on Test Run. Being able to break most code gates for 1-3 is certainly appealing, though!

@IonFox @skydivingninja I tried Code Siphon but never liked it. It feels like a strong card, but only during very narrow windows during a game (bioroid on R&D, no ice and no Opus, etc.). It might merit more testing, but I felt that there weren't many points where I had R&D access but wanted more programs.

17 Feb 2016 Benjen

What's your general game plan? I'm having trouble getting anything going except playing against Argus, which is really fun . . . for me, not for them.

18 Feb 2016 Myriad

I also am left scratching my head after playing this a few times. It seems slow(er) than most runner decks at the moment and without a fifth click, I am struggling to feel like Opus is worth anything.

2 Mar 2016 shimya

I find that Earthrise Hotel as a clickless draw is somewhat better than Quality Time combined with MOpus. Have you, perhaps, tried it?

21 Mar 2016 the_right_deal

Piloted a version of this to a small Store Championship win today, feels very much like traditional CT, and has the added benefit of some great match ups against Weyland and NBN, went undefeated and I like it a lot.

23 Mar 2016 internet

@the_right_deal Congrats! Glad to see the archetype doing well. Does your version have any major changes?