Space is Big Really Big (v6.2)

seeds34 38


This is the deck I took to the Fist Full Of Dice SC a couple of months ago. It helped get me 8th out of 18.

This has been my pet project for over a year, really since O&C came out. I've found the deck reliable although it struggles against people who have money and are willing to trash assets. Ash is not as useful any more, more because of Rumor Mill then Polop and councilman. I keep thinking I should retire this deck but i'm also looking at moving things about, remove Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Team Sponsorship and add Friends in High Places but I’m not sure. One of the obvious directions I could go is more the Hottubes style with Museum of History etc but I’m not a fan of Museum.

Anyway this was publishing more for the stats on but if anyone has any comments feel free to make them.