SOCR Honeypot (1st in SOCR 11)

em-crabtree 66

8-1 in SOCR 11: 4-1 in swiss, 4-0 in the cut. Only loss was v. Internet's Hoshi in swiss, but I won the rematch twice in a row to take grand finals.

I've already posted a standard version of this deck, but the idea started in SOCR, and is much stronger there. Asa's ability lets you quickly install assets with protection, which combos into Fully Operational for tons of money. Money lets you punitive, and Project Vacheron lets you punitive even when the runner has "more" than 7 points.

Some interesting notes:

  • TechnoCo is a solid replacement for Scarcity; it might not shut down the runner's econ to the same extent, but forces a run to clear and combos with Fully Operational. Absolutely brutal v Hoshiko, since it triggers on Companions.
  • You can play shell games by leaving things unrez'd. If you've got credit advantage and a loaded NGO around, you can even naked install-double-advance agendas. I scored out an SSL this way in my final game v Internet, forcing him to run through Tyr to check an NGO. Leaving double advanced things around can also fool runners into thinking they're safe from punitive: I got legwork'd while seemingly low on credits, only to pop an NGO and Rashida for 11 credits and punitive.

Thanks as always to Sanjay for organizing! And shout outs to the NYC community for testing and sharing stories

15 Mar 2020 FreqKing

Seems like at least 1 NASX is worth having for the incredible interaction with Fully Operational

15 Mar 2020 em-crabtree

NASX wasn't legal in the SOCR 11 format (Core, Kitara, Ashes, 1 big box). Of course, neither are things like Citadel Sanctuary, Hacktivist Meeting, etc.

But yeah, for a standard format deck I'd at least swap the PAD Campaigns for NASX.