Weyland Blitz

xloserfishx 83

Winner of the 2018 Good Game Brisbane store champs

3 Apr 2018 Ulkrond

Great work!

4 Apr 2018 igrekk

I suppose that most of wins were through renewal + killer combo?

5 Apr 2018 xloserfishx

@igrekk I nearly pulled that combo off, but then had to use the contract killer to kill the Guru Davinder my opponent had been digging for. The only game I killed for the win was against an Adam, where my first turn was Priority Construction a Hortum and put an Urban Renewal behind it. He spent two turns looking for the answer and not finding it, which made for a very short game!

8 Apr 2018 TyrellCorp


9 Apr 2018 xloserfishx

@TyrellCorp Cheers for the sweet deck!