It's a new world (5-0 at NANPC Vancouver)

Sokka 5156


Jinteki glacier is so back!

Charlotte Caçador is exactly what Jinteki glacier needed. It's a strong econ card that synergizes with the La Costa Grid + Bio Vault package and it importantly frees up influence to port some strong ice that Jinteki is currently lacking.

Most of the credit for this deck goes to The King. I only put a couple finishing touches at the end.

On the runner side, I played pretty much card for card the Reg Hoshiko that I played at CBI so I won't be reposting that. The only change I made was to cut a copy of Bankhar for a 1x Jarogniew Mercs. It's the perfect meat damage tech card that addresses a variety of very real meat damage threats. Shout out to bblum all the way back from last worlds for that one. On the day, I didn't need to use it at all but I think it's a solid 1x include.

As always, I'm very happy to answer any questions about the deck. I know my decklist writeups are not exactly as detailed as some others. Feel free to ask any questions about the deck in the comments here, directly via discord, or, ideally, come catch me live sometime on my stream and I can chat about anything on there!

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As an aside, I'd like to get it out there that I am no longer testing with Unband for the purposes of competitive Netrunner. There's no bad blood or anything like that. There are simply lots of changes going on both from the perspective of competitive Netrunner and from the perspective of my personal life that push towards this being the right decision for me.

I am only communicating this to avoid any future confusion in regards to group membership (for example, Whiteblade wrote a very nice "Who to watch" article ahead of NANPC Vancouver that included a mention of group affiliation). This feels like a weird thing to announce but it seems appropriate to do it this way. I just want to put this out there to avoid future confusion; don't want to make a big deal out of it.

25 Mar 2024 Council

Love it! Gl going forward William :)

25 Mar 2024 sebastiank

Worlds was Weyland glacier. CBI was NBN glacier. Now its Jinteki glacier.

When you gonna show us dat AoT????

25 Mar 2024 Sokka

@sebastiank soon............soon.

25 Mar 2024 ogrillion

Thanks for sharing! Could you clarify some of your ice choices? In particular, I'm sure many are wondering why no Cloud Eater, and I'm curious about Bran 1.0 as well.

25 Mar 2024 Sokka

@ogrillion Cloud Eater is worth trying. I didn't put it in here because the high rez cost does not help during the early phases of the game where this type of deck is most weak. It's also very bad against Orca (like every other sentry reasonably available here). Maybe it's a fine 1x. The big rez cost means a lot of eggs are going in that basket and sometimes too many eggs in the same place can be a good breeding ground for viruses.

Bran, on the other hand, is the perfect ice for this deck. It's fairly affordable to rez (can protect Rashida or Charlotte early in the game if needed), it has a very relevant facecheck sub that demands the runner to break, and it's expensive for runners to deal with (especially when you have many ETR abilities that force multiple runs).

25 Mar 2024 Dapperatchik

Awesome deck, William. A few questions:

1) It seems like you consistently turn up with glacier builds that are different in important ways than what everyone else is doing. Which of the following explanations is more important?

a) glacier decks is underrated and more people should play them b) glacier decks are the best decks iff you are a risk-averse player with 80% winrate against the cut field

c) glacier decks are good when they're rare but can easily get hated out of the meta if they get too popular

d) other

2) How long should I cook Charlotte before trying to score?

3) Is Attitude Adjustment worth considering? One problem this deck can have is Charlotte filling up your hand with agendas before you're ready to start scoring them - your agenda density is quite a bit higher than e.g. 6-agenda Azmari.

4) We're spending influence on Bran - how much worse is Boto in this deck?

5) What's your gameplan against Turbine Shaper?

6) How good is this deck against Mulch? If people start playing Knobkierie decks again, would you make any changes to tech against them?

25 Mar 2024 aruzan

Did you end up doing any testing with Boto? I found it performed way better than I expected and seemed worth slotting. Maybe that's an option if we have other influence we want to spend and can skip a bran or two that way.

25 Mar 2024 Sokka

@Dapperatchik Thanks for the questions!

1) I like to play decks that are flexible. Decks that have the ability to respond to a wide variety of threats where there are very few (if any) matchups that are losing right from the start of the game. Essentially, I don't want a game to be lost right when I sit down due to decisions made during deckbuilding. Glacier decks give you a wide variety of options to respond to what you're up against. You can position your ice in a way that best handles the threats the runner is posing. You can spend extra time getting money against aggressive criminals knowing that your late game score plan is strong. Similarly, you can spend extra time icing centrals against Jeitinho and you can also spend extra time trashing resources against Seb. Time gives you options and options allow you to make the best play. Ideally, a glacier deck should also be able to rush against slow doom-rig runners. Here, this can be done with some early econ operations and La Costa Grid. For example, the picture above with 3 scored Niseis probably happened around turn 10 because in that specific game I was up against a Hoshiko deck with 3 Hippo, 3 Botulus, 3 Fermenters, and all 4 companions. The Azmari played at CBI can be described in a similar manner but I will note that the worlds BtL does not really have a strong ability to pivot to a rush plan. I did rush a Clearinghouse kill at worlds against Arissana but that won't work very often.

2) The answer to this is contained in the answer above. i.e. what kind of a matchup is this? Do you need to take some extra time responding to a certain threat the runner is posing? Do you need to rush because the runner's late game is too strong? In the situation with the 3 Niseis above, I discarded 2 copies of Charlotte because I knew I wouldn't have time for that. In general tho, I cook Charlotte (and Daily Quest in NBN) until I can see a path to 7 points (based off looking at what the runner has, I think my board is strong enough and I have enough credits to score to 7). You can't wait for perfection but just make sure when you go for a score it doesn't leave your economy in an insufficient spot afterwards.

3) This might be true. Bacterial Programming does a great job at controlling agendas. Sometimes you see too many are coming up and you can shuffle with Spin in response. I don't think I've played enough games to properly answer this question yet. Spins have been enough in my experience so far. If you want influence tho, I would cut a Border.

4) Much much worse unfortunately. Maybe you can argue it if the saved influence significantly improves the deck elsewhere. See my comment above about how good Bran is. Glacier decks are weakest in the early game and Boto is a card that is weak early and stronger late. Also, having to discard out of HQ to ETR on an early facecheck seems awkward.

5) You can rush any deck that has too strong of a late game. Get Niseis scored early and then your last 5/3 agenda gets scored with 2 Nisei counters, an AgInfusion trigger, and a Border Control; won't matter how efficient your board is unless you can get extra clicks.

6) How good is it against Mulch? I have no idea. In theory tho, I don't think I would change anything to address that matchup. Ice all your servers, purge them out, you should be picking up Subliminals pretty often, and ETR effects are strong against Mulch because they're using spending virus counters getting in and relying on the fact that getting in will get them virus counters back. Maybe if they start playing too much ice destruction then it becomes a problem? But that should create consistency problems for the Mulch

25 Mar 2024 Sokka

@aruzan Boto doesn't seem that great here in theory but I did not try it. Yeah it might be an option if influence wants to be elsewhere

4 Jun 2024 Kharack

Bit late but I figured I'd ask, what would you view as the replacement to tributary now that it's banned?

4 Jun 2024 Sokka

@Kharack never too late! I’ve been playing the 3rd copy of Seisentan and a 1x Vampy. Turbine Hoshiko also requires this deck to rush a little harder than usual and an extra upgrade trick helps in that matchup. With Knob banned, I have removed the Mavirus in the updated version in favour of 1x Void