Aladdin AgInfusion

tzeentchling 1133

Aladdin and Jasmine

Based off of Sokka's deck, it really is a whole new world for Jinteki glacier-style decks. Charlotte Caçador is fantastic at getting you money and cards to put in the remote. Oddly, there's not a whole lot of Pinhole Threading out there right now either so the La Costa Grid is more likely to stick around, but AgInfusion is really good against that anyway. The Crisium Grid usually goes on HQ to stop Burner, Legwork, Chastushka, or Diversion of Funds. R&D gets iced after HQ and a remote, usually, and is fairly durable with only 8 agendas.

Placed 2nd at a 10-person CO in Berkeley, CA, going undefeated against Freedom, Sable, and Hoshiko.