Port Anson Grid can work can't it?

Cliquil 1163


Published so I can claim on Always Be Running.

6 Nov 2017 lostgeek

Really interesting idea. I love playing around with obvious traps in AgInfusion. I have several whys:

  1. Why didn't it work?
  2. Why no Ark Lockdown?
  3. Why no Tithonium for ultimate Marcus Batty results?
  4. Why no Mushin No Shin for instant speed trap servers?
9 Nov 2017 Cliquil

1 - Essentially because the runner could always endure either the Breached Domes in Archives or the loss of a program

2 - I figured no Shaper is going to let me keep a program in the bin, a criminal player can't recur it, and for the most part any bin breakers, if they are being trashed, function as a tax in any case.

3 - I probably over valued the Archived Memories and the Tollbooths, and found Cobra enough for trash program purposes

4 - Musins are in my girlfriend's deck - without fail . :D

I hope that helps a little.

Essentially I think there are useful and cool things that can be taken from a program trashing Aginfusion, but you don't use Port Anson Grid to do it.