Cpt_nice Sable +dogs

Fanakito 15

In order to get some good competitive games ahead of our meatspace CO in Helsinki I wanted to try the current Sable deck I'm running in the AMT. I used Cpt_nice list but since I see a lot of rigshooting and since I seem to not get as much value from DoF in many board states, I decided to drop one for a copy of Tunnel Vision, which can be a good backup.

The deck went 2-2 in the tournament. Both loses were mostly me not knowing well how to play against Jinteki. I was in the streaming in round 2 against Earth Station: SEA Headquarters I tried to "win properly" with a Jailbreak on time (I already was ahead in points anyways) but I should have tried to just pay 6c and run the remote which had a Oaktown Renovation since I used a Boomerang for the outmost ice anyways.