Identity • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15

Limit 1 remote server.

As an additional cost to run HQ, the Runner must pay 1credit.

click: Flip this identity.

Flip side:

Limit 1 remote server.

As an additional cost to run a remote server, the Runner must pay 6credit.

When the Runner makes a successful run on HQ, flip this identity.

The First Step...
Flip side:
...Further Beyond
Weyland Consortium • Kira L. Nguyen • Uprising 120
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Earth Station: SEA Headquarters
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  • NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    What happens if there is more than one remote server when an effect disabling Earth Station's "Limit 1 remote server." ability (such as Employee Strike or Direct Access) ends?

    The game state is now illegal, so in the next checkpoint after Earth Station's ability becomes active again, the Corp must choose exactly 1 remote server they will keep. The game trashes all cards in and protecting all other remote servers. This trashing cannot be prevented.

    What happens if the previous situation occurs while Architect is rezzed protecting a remote server?

    Per its new errata, only players and their card abilities are prohibited from trashing a rezzed Architect. Since the game, not the Corp, trashes the cards in the servers the Corp doesn't keep, Architect's ability does not affect it. The Corp is not required to choose a server protected by Architect as the server they keep.


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If you want to find the art for the other side. Also, I have just now learned you need to have 200 characters to publish a review, so here I am writing out a paragraph about that fact. So how are ya'll doing?

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Pretty well, thank you for asking —

I might write my own review on this card at some point, but god damn, how good is the art on this card! :-D