Haas Self Destruct

vdude 231

Rush out agendas. When the runner is set up, use Haas to fast advance. If she is threatened throw down a Self Destruct and with all the ICE you put in one server potentially kill the runner.

14 Mar 2015 Bigguyforyou518

This deck looked like a ton of fun (Self-destruct is too hilarious, I HAD to try it out), so I've been testing it online. When I originally moved it over, I accidentally forgot to change the identity from Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future, and played my first game as such. It actually worked really well, so I stuck with it. I eventually used the extra influence to upgrade the Errand Boys to Caduceus's, changed the Lotus Field to a Wraparound (the deck seemed very code gate heavy), and I threw another Jackson Howard in for good measure. No one has hit me hard and fast enough (yet) that I've regretted not having NEXT Design: Guarding the Net, and frankly, even with EtF I sometimes run into econ issues later if I can't pull off some sick Peak Efficiency plays.

Self-destructing a huge server is by far my favorite play in the deck, but it makes me sad that it has such a low flatline potential on it's own. I have done some really goofy stuff with it though - one game I trashed Executive Boot Camp for Director Haas, and then immediately installed a facedown Jackson Howard in my scoring server. They blew their bank running on it, and I exploded them. :)