Vape Whizzard 1.1 (9th at York Regional)

swabl 337

An update on my Aldershot Smoke deck that addresses some of its key weaknesses, making it (in theory) more robust.

Paperclip got cut for Corroder, allowing us to take Film Critics as our restricted in place - important for dealing with Obokata and Punitive decks, as well as having a lot of value all over the place.

R&D Interfaces becames The Turning Wheels, as mentioned as a possible change in the previous list. Hilariously, with the way my games went, RDI probably would have been better! But Wheels certainly didn't feel wrong at all.

I cut the two currents for slots and influence as they felt a bit unnecessary and were easily the weakest cards in a very slotsm8 deck, and I prayed I wouldn't encounter any Scarcities (narrator: he did).

And finally, I had one influence to spare, which I opted to spend on a Peace in Our Time by cutting a Dirty Laundry. It felt nice, but I do wonder if a Stimhack would have been better. The Dirty Laundry does hang off a bit odd, but the other option was to slot a Feedback Filter in its place, and I didn't want to cut ANOTHER econ card for tech that may never be relevant - and with Film Critic I had an answer for Obokata, so net damage didn't scare me as much.

On the day it went 2-1, losing to Sportsmetal (got taxed out, thanks Scarcity and Ash) but beating Labyrinthine cheese AgInfusion and Palana. I ID'd the last 2 rounds, then missed the cut on strength of schedule as I finished 9th (grumble grumble). Paricias would have had their chance to shine had I made the cut, but alas it was not to be. Still a great result though!

Oh, and I am yet to be vindicated for my my choice of Houdini over Refractor, and in the Sportsmetal game it definitely hurt me given the Fairchild 3.0 on HQ. Guess that's what I'll change next...