Overseer Ob (22nd @ Worlds 2022/1st @ CoS 2022)

Vale 104

I told myself I wasn't going to play this deck in the main event at Worlds. I told myself it had an unwinnable Wu matchup, and it would just be for Crown of Servers. I would play NAC Sports or NAC PD in the main event, like a sensible person.

The deck went 5-0 in CoS, and we somehow managed to win the event. Like so many other players have in the past, I made the last minute decision to play it in the main event, against my better judgement.

It ended up working out pretty well. It went 4-1 in the swiss, before losing in the tiebreaker round to tf34's masterful Freedom performance. If I had known the largest testing clique in North America were all going to bring Freedom, I would not have played Ob, but alas.

The copies of Overseer Matrix were interesting all weekend long, occasionally being low impact but frequently being quite good. I never had to play against Apocalypse, which was the main matchup I wanted them in the deck for. Bridgeman's Ob is such a well known deck that I felt at least some changes were necessary in order to be competitive for this event, and the Apoc matchup is really tough even with a copy of Crisium Grid to search off Border Control pops.

A huge thank you to everyone I met at Worlds, it was an incredible experience and a wonderful event. Congratulations to Sokka for winning the event, to Whiteblade for getting a well deserved top 16, to the Snare Bears and Unband for getting half of their players into the cut, and to NSG for putting on a fantastic event. I sincerely hope next year can be even bigger and better, because you all proved this team can put on one hell of a show.

Extra special thanks to Enkoder and Tzeentchling for being fantastic teammates and great people, we did it lads!

11 Oct 2022 gilesdavis

Well played mate <3

11 Oct 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Good to see you completely cave in on your own convictions at the last minute Vale! Congrats on the placement in the main event and the Win in COS