Better lucky than good 1st place Australian Nationals

firesa 670

Deck went 2-3 on day 1 and 2-0 on day 2.

Round 1 win v Sync (Boom)

Round 2 loss v HB Moons

Round 3 loss v IG

Round 4 loss v NEH Railgun

Round 5 win v Aginfusion (Hydra? Spicy IT Department?)

Win v HB Moons twice in the top cut (including one timed win, sorry Rjorb!).

Wanted to play something I'd feel comfortable with and that also played Employee strikes. And I don't know how to wiz. Crimson Dust was released but I chose not to play Caldera, might not be a bad option tbh. I also totally missed the sweet turtle AI breaker which probably would have replaced mammon. I hate femme so no femme. I like dirty laundry a lot so 2/1 split with daily casts and maybe casts should have been Aeneas number three as two felt like too few (they could also just be other cards). But yeah this is really just my take on the samrs list. Pretty fun.

Thanks to Garth and the Adelaide crew for playtesting with me and for the brissy folks for helping me put the finishing touches on the list on Friday night by beating me a few times.

I'll stick a random but appropriate gif in this when I next get to use a comp @_@

27 Aug 2017 Matt500

Hey mate great job! I've been running Andy rebirth for a long while and wanted to get your take on Inversificator being the primary decoder instead of the infaction option (being Abagnale i dont mean Peregrine). Is it mainly to put cheap code gates on centrals for easy RnD digs with Medium or to chuck the big Fairchild 3.0 / DNA Tracker over to the assets you won't run and trash? Also how key was Bloo Moose in your tempo as i agree that Femme Fatale isn't in my top breaker choices but did you prefer to get Bloo Moose out first and then Special Order the Inversificator or it didn't matter? Cheers and congrats! #crimforlife

27 Aug 2017 firesa

Haha thanks for your questions. Yeah playing inversificator may not be everyone's cup of tea, and its install cost and influence had me consider just going abagnale. But with many big code gates (and some small ones) it lets you do all sorts of things. The main uses I had were switching positions of data ravens on R&D with a quandary on archives (my opponent did essentially high five me for that one), and then being able to move big code gates around v glacier decks is powerful in the long game. It also makes corps reconsider whether rezzing code gates is worth it. And in a deck with medium and three siphons there are a lot of good plays that come up naturally.

Bloo Moose was either amazing or clunky depending on how early I saw it and how much money I had (and if I had a career fair for it). But the power of the card is undeniable and it should come down asap if it doesn't kill your tempo on a critical turn. Keep in mind special order is almost there just to get the breakers you don't draw naturally, or to get access to a specific option early. So there's not always a rush to go fetch breakers, but you also should not forget that you can SOT Special Order if it's in the bin and you need to get into a remote your opponent is trying to rush out behind ;)